28 October, 2012

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Get DNS & WhoIs Information Details Of Any Domain

Ever want to know with which domain registrar, Google is registered? Or contact email of any website? When the domain is first registered and where, the IP address, server location, host name, email handler, number of subdomains and much other information about any popular website or how your own blog or website is seen by the web with respect to this information.
Most of the general users either do not want this information or if they want, they use many online services like who.is and other domain information and history providers.


 DomainHostingView is a small and portable software from NirSoft for windows desktop which give all this information in depth without any need to search many websites.
DomainHostingView is a utility for Windows that provides extensive information about any domain by using DNS and WHOIS queries, and generates reports that can be exported to html document.
The information includes: the hosting company or data center that hosts the Web server, mail server, and domain name server, the created/changed/expire date of the domain, domain owner, domain registrar that registered the domain, list of all DNS records, and more.

Note that the results for necked domain and subdomain are different eg. Results from www.toptrix.net and toptrix.net are different. To export the results to external html file, just click on the file and select ‘save the HTML report’.


This is also a small utility that gives more details about the inquired domain. The contact information about domain owner if available, date of registration, the date at which the registration with particular registrar will expire, country or registration and many other information.


This tool can inquire many domains at one time. You can save your favorite domains and export the information received to external HTML file.
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