29 January, 2018

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How Spying On Android Phone Works

If you are interested in spying on another phone, what is the first solution that comes to your mind? It’s probably to contact a professional hacker and pay him lots of money for getting you the information you need.

21 January, 2018

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Practical Guide To Check And Update PC For Spectre & Meltdown

The web is full of Spectre and Meltdown vulnerability discussion. It's too confusing for most. Just to keep track of with the view of a noob like me, I have created this post to understand the sequence of events, who is vulnerable, how to patch, how to check if I am secured, and the impact of patch update on my basic machine.

14 January, 2018

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How To Block Ads On Android Mobile

Extensions like AdBlock Plus, Ad block, uBlock for desktop browsers make life easier and save you from obstructive heavy bombarding with online ads. Though ads are the most important source of income for content creators, to some extent its get enough and you use the ad blocking extensions.

But when it comes to blocking annoying ads on Android mobile, it gets little difficult. There are some tricks to do it on rooted android mobiles. But on most of the nonrooted android devices, you have very little choice.

13 January, 2018

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How To Download Specific Windows 10 Update File

Windows 10 update feature or the Security And Update of older versions of Windows OS, automatically download the required updates. Basically, the updates are packed into files called KB or Knowledge base. When you install any of the updates, you see the KBxxxxxx numbered file installed.
If you want to update multiple Windows machines, downloading the same thing on all the machine takes time and waste precious bandwidth. You can manually download those knowledge base files from Microsoft update catalog server.
Head over to Microsoft Update Catalog website. Search for any specific KB file. Enter the correct number and hit search.

11 January, 2018

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Time To Replace Quick Pic Android Gallery App With Simple Gallery

Quick Pic is one of the most used gallery apps. It really cool, light, works flawlessly and have every feature a great image and video viewer application should have. But since the Cheetah Mobile acquired Quick Pic, I was in search of a good alternative, that does not ask me for too many permissions. And do not use my data even if was not intended to make any communication over a network.

10 December, 2017

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How To Repair Corrupt USB Flash Drive

Trying out the new operating system? I was trying Google Chromium OS, after the test, I tried to format my USB flash drive but surprisingly the USB drive was completely destroyed and had only 1GB usable space and other 3GB space was not there.

09 December, 2017

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Reputation Based Software Removal To Keep Your PC Clean

Should I Remove It take a different approach towards keeping your PC clean and bloatware free. Unlike popular software removal tools, which offer to deep clean the registry values and trash files after uninstallation of software, Should I Remove It is a different application.