How To Download APK Of Restricted Android Application On PC & Mobile

21 November, 2014

Many Android applications are country specific. Z Launcher, Opera Turbo and such apps are not available in India. Some applications require specific version of Operating system, like to use latest version of Google Calender, you must use Android 4.1 and above.

Play store display the errors like, 'This app is incompatible with all of your devices' or 'This item is not available in your country'.

Google Play store do not show such restricted and incompatible applications if you search from your Android device. You have to search play store from your PC or go to the URL from external source. Other applications are restricted as per operating system version.

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Facebook Groups Have Standalone App & Website

18 November, 2014

If you are member or owner of any Facebook Group, here is a good news for you. Facebook has launched standalone application and a website for Facebook groups. Now you can manage your owned group with just one tap.

All the Facebook Groups are available as it is on the application and you don't have to worry about any thing like members, admins or anything else
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How To Make Facebook More Productive : 6 Features You Must Use

11 November, 2014

Facebook have too many hidden features that common user do not know. If you use these features, you can make your Facebook experience more productive and interesting. You might be already using some tips, but here are many other features of Facebook you must know that will make you a Facebook power user.

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13 Tiny Android Apps For Huge Functionality

23 October, 2014

How many Android apps you have installed? How many of them you really use? But here are 13 small applications that you will use forever and add huge functionality to your Android. By small, I mean size is few KB and have only one feature. All are free and work on Android 4.0 and above.

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Extra Protection For Your Google Account With USB Based Security Key

21 October, 2014

GMail got "security key" as one more layer of security other than the 2-step-verification method. 'Security Key' is a physical USB device that can be used as a second factor of authentication. The important thing is you can use both the good old 2-step-verification as well as 'Security Key' method simultaneously.
one more layer of security to google account with security key
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How To Remove Search Button From Taskbar Of Windows 10

20 October, 2014

If you do not like the 'Search' and 'Task View' buttons on taskbar of Windows 10 technical preview, its just matter of few clicks. By default there is no any option to remove them, but there are 2 ways you can hide or remove the search and task view buttons.

how to hide search buttons in windows 10
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How To Create Animating Social Media Widget In 5 Minutes

19 October, 2014

If you want to create social media subscription buttons / widget that load faster, looks good and have mouse hover animation effect, here is a fast way. You can do it within only 5 minutes and that also without any coding knowledge. Other than just good looks, it has SEO advantage. CSS Sprite animation is fast loading and Google loves the fast websites.

Social Media Subscription widget
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