20 November, 2016

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5 Extremely Useful & Uncommon Uses Of VLC Media Player

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VLC media player is known to play everything you throw at it. But there are many other very useful features that make it even great then you ever think.

1. Add Subtitles to Movies:
If you watch movies with foreign language without subtitles, you don't know what you are missing. Subtitles are free and available for most of the movies in your known language.
You don't have to worry about the accent of the movie.

17 November, 2016

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Password Protect Your USB Drive Without Any Software

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Portable USB drive is now a most essential gadget after your smartphone. You carry your important data. Most of the time you do not wish to share private data with anyone.
Encrypting the data stored on the pen drive with password protection is the best way to carry sensitive and private information on the USB drive.
Even though you lost your USB drive, you can be sure that, the private data do not fall into bad hands.

06 November, 2016

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How To Enable New Status Tab In WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has introduced separate 'Status' tab, the Instagram like 'Stories' feature. Actually, stories is Facebook copy of stolen feature from Snapchat.

The Status tab in WhatsApp is still in beta and hidden feature and you need a Rooted Android phone to activate this tab.

31 October, 2016

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Adding Subtitles In VLC Media Player For Any Movie

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If you watch lot of foreign language movies without subtitles, you don't know what are you missing. Subtitles allow you to understand the conversation without problems of local accent and in your known language.

Subtitles can be added to VLC media player for any movie. Using VLC media media player make it matter of just few clicks. Subtitle files are very small in size and free to download.

30 October, 2016

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How To Fix Windows 10 Update Problems

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Have you ever stuck into the Windows 10 update? It's quite irritating as the updates are of large size and there is no any better way to find out where is the real problem.
If your Windows 10 update is not starting over and stuck in the middle of something, here are 2 better ways to either start everything over or troubleshoot the update process.

25 October, 2016

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How To Backup And Restore Windows Drivers Without Any Software

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You can backup all the device drivers installed on your current working system configuration without any software and also restore them if you format the operating system for any reason.
Do these simple steps:

22 October, 2016

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4 Ways To Open Recent Files In Windows 10

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Windows 10 has removed some useful features of older versions. The recent files sub menu of Start menu is one of such feature.
You can still access that 'Recent Files' with few easy steps.

1. Whenever you open the Windows Explorer with default settings, the lover pane will give access to "Recent files"