September 27, 2014

Feature Packed Free File Managers That Can Replace Windows Explorer

One thing unchanged in a Windows OS is Windows Explorer and there are few good alternatives. Windows Explorer is the default file manager for all Microsoft Windows OS versions. From Windows 95 to latest Windows 8.1, the feature set and interface have not changed much.
Though the Windows Explorer cater the basic needs, it lacks many features and you feel the cons when you want to manage large number of files.

Moving files across drives, copying and sorting, many tabs and many panels are the basic requirements of any file manager, which are missing from explorer.

September 23, 2014

Run WhatsApp On Computer

If you wish to run WhatApp messenger on computer, you can do it very easily. No need to install BlueStack or something like that. This is very easy and straight forward method using Firefox OS emulator.
run whatsapp on comupter
Many peoples ask, if they can run the famous WhatsApp mobile application on their computer. There are already many tweaks to run the Android applications on computer using the BlueStack Android emulator. But the BlueStack is so complicated and poor performance on low end machine, most of users leave it without success. 

September 19, 2014

Get Facebook Page Updates In RSS Feed Reader

If you don't want to miss any updates from your favourite Facebook page, better you add it to your RSS reader like Feedly. This way you can easily track all the updates without missing anything and also you can save it for later reference, save, clip, forward and more with the IFTTT tool.

The only thing is, you have to do some workaround to pull the updates to RSS reader application. Facebook do not offer the updates via RSS officially. But that is not much difficult to do. Its very easy, do not require any other third party application or service and can be done with all the public Facebook pages.
No need to get notification and visit frequently to Facebook for updates.

February 24, 2014

Ultimate Tips For WhatsApp Addicts

WhatsApp is very easy and straight forward instant messenger. Actually the simple user interface is one of the most important feature in the success of WhatsApp. Most of the WhatsApp users do not try to tweak the settings and still then the default settings works fine for majority peoples.

But then there are more settings than the default. You can use to make the application work perfectly and less annoying in some cases. You will really like the ease and simple tips that will make your WhatsApp a pleasant experience.

January 16, 2014

Ways To Download / Backup Your Instagram Photos & Videos

Unique filters of the Instagram app make the photo sharing social network stand out from all others. But the every photo you upload to your profile is not easily available to use anywhere else. Instagram do not provide any way to download, save or backup your Instagram images.

If you want to download the images, there are may third party web applications as well as installable softwares to do it for you. I have tried many of them and here are the best, easiest and free ways to get your photos into your control.

January 14, 2014

Government Services On Your Mobile With M-Governance AppStore

Government offices are not the place you want to visit. If you are Indian, most of the time its a very bad experience. It's very rare that, you get your work done at the first visit. You can't avoid it and you can't enjoy it. But now, your mobile might help you to get your work done fast and save the number of visits.

M-Governance or Mobile Governance is a part of the efforts of the Government of India and other state governments on the road of complete E-Government. Applications are developed by government firm C-DAC and Department of Electronics and Information Technology.
Government Services-On-Your-Mobile-With-M-Governance-AppStore

December 14, 2013

All In One Freeware to Extract Text, Images And Convert PDF To Word

You may want to extract text and images from some PDF for using the text in any other word processing application or want to use the images somewhere else. There are too many free as well as paid professional tools for editing and creating the PDF.
Still then, the PDF Shaper is a clean and easy to use tool that have other features like converting image to PDF or PDF to image, PDF to RTF, split and join the files and pages and encrypt the PDF. If you want to secure the file. PDF Shaper is freeware for Windows.