Easiest Way To Download Facebook Video On PC & Mobile

17 April, 2015

Facebook hosts large number of unique videos that you do not found on YouTube or other video hosting sites. If you want to download any video on Facebook, you don't need any extra software.

A simple url trick will allow you to download the Facebook video whether you are using website on PC or mobile web or even Facebook mobile application.


Facebook.com on computer:

You just have to visit the mobile website of the standard Facebook page. To do this,

  • Add 'm' letter instead of 'WWW' in https://www.facebook.com after that the url will look like https://m.facebook.com 


  • Replace the WWW with m and click to play the video.
  • While playing video, right click on video and select 'save video as' option to save / download it.
  • Select appropriate location to save video.

Mobile Facebook website on mobile:

To save video on your mobile is very easy. If you are using mobile browser, you will be automatically redirected to mobile version of Facebook website i.e. https://m.facebook.com .  Just touch and hold on video to save it for later use.


On Facebook Android application:

Even though you use the Facebook app, you can always use the above trick to download the video. Browse Facebook website using any browser like Chrome for Android, or Firefox for Android or UC Browser.

But if you do not want to do that, you can save video using the Facebook application also but with little workaround.



  • Go to  the Facebook options by tapping the hamburger menu and click 'Saved'.
  • It will show you the list of saved videos, links and other stuff.
  • Click on video you want to download, you will get the option 'Open with ES Downloader'.
  • Click on 'Just once' or 'Always' to save the video for offline viewing.
Do you have any other easy way to download the Facebook videos? Or you never download the videos? Do you know, you can download YouTube videos without any software using Firefox? Please share your tricks..
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How To Hide Google Plus Circles From Android Contacts & Google Contacts

08 March, 2015

We follow many interesting peoples on Google plus but don't want everyone of them in Android contact list or phone book. If you are saving your contact to your Google account, Google automatically add contact information from your Google Plus circles to your Android phone book. Same is the case with Google Contacts.

Many peoples find it really annoying as you many not want everyone from the Google plus circle to be shown in to the private contact list. It also clutter the contact book. 
If you are strictly following only people you know personally, then that is not the problem. But if you are following some more peoples just on Google plus and don't want anywhere else, this simple setting will help you.
  • Go to Google plus settings https://plus.google.com/settings
  • Scroll to "Your Circle" option.
  • Click "Customize" button.
  • All your Google Plus circle will be listed. Select only those circles you want to shown up in you Android phone or Google Contacts.
  • Uncheck all other.
  • Remember that, there is a option "Your Circles" while sharing anything on Google Plus. That is for fast and easy sharing of links or photos. 
  • When you select "Your circles" while sharing, the link or photo is shared with these circles. When you edit the "Your Circles" you are changing the default sharing setting and will affect all future sharing privacy on Google Plus.
How you manage your circle and Google Contacts? Any other way to keep your contact list clean and manageable? 
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Firefox Reader Mode Make Web Pages Pleasant For Reading

19 February, 2015

Though Firefox extension like Evernote Clearly can easily convert the web pages in to clean and readable format, the built in "Reader Mode" in new Firefox always have a added advantage. You don't have to install any third party extension, saves memory and the built in feature is better integrated with the browser.

If you are die hard Firefox fan and read too much web content in the browser, you should welcome this tiny feature.

Enable Reader Mode:
  • The Firefox Reader Mode is not enabled by default and you must have the Firefox 38 (Nightly version) to enable  Reader mode.
  • Type about:config and press enter.
  • Click 'I will be careful, I promise' and proceed.
  • Search for the term reader.parse-on-load.enabled’.
  • The default value is 'False'. Double click the line to make it 'True' and to enable the reader mode.
Using the Reader Mode in Firefox:
Once you have enabled it, open any web page and you will see the small 'Enter Reader Mode' icon in the address bar just behind the refresh button.
  • Clicking the 'Enter Reader Mode' icon will make the web page like a clean and tidy book.
  • You can change the font style like serif and san-serif. 
  • The background color theme like light, dark and sepia. Text size can also be adjusted as you want.
Which is your favorite tool to read the online content? Many peoples now user their mobile devices to read the web.
  • The Reader Mode for Firefox is also available on Firefox for Android. The procedure is same as above for the Android version also.
If you want to read the webpages offline and want to keep the browser clean, you can use the famous 'Pocket' application for Android. Read the Must have application for Android phone. 
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LG Chromebase Available In India

02 December, 2014

The magic of Chrome OS with the all in one desktop computer is the LG Chromebase. Powered by 4th generation Intel processor, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB iSSD drive that can boot in less than flat 9 seconds.Based on Linux, offers great security features and integrated Google web services has more that you expect.


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Things You Must Do After Installing Windows 10 TP

30 November, 2014

Final release version of Windows 10 might be little different from the technical preview. But these tweaks will make your Windows 10 convenient.
If you don't want recent changes like shortcuts, file explorer, animations, folder structure, keyboard combinations to Windows 10, simple tweaks  will make your shift to Windows 10 easier.

#1 Changing the Windows File Explorer Behavior:
You can access file / folder tree by 4 ways from desktop.
  • The 'File explore' shortcut on task bar opens 'Home' folder which show the ' favorites and frequently used folders'. 
  • 'This PC' from desktop shows 'user library folders' and 'hard drive partitions'.
  • 'User files' from desktop shows 'user library' folders like documents, videos, music and similar folders from the system drive.
  • Windows key + E keyboard shortcut opens 'File explorer'.
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One Touch Contextual Search In Chrome For Android, Opera Mini Beta, Dropbox Support For Office & Other Tech News, You Can Use (Weekly Update: 1)

Here are the tech updates that matters you and news you can use. ( 22 November 2014 -29 November 2014)

One Touch Search in Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android comes with hidden feature.
Just select text you want to search from any webpage in Chrome and Google will ask for 'if you want to search'.
Just one click and you will get the search result without leaving the current tab.
To enable the 'One touch search' open 
select the option 'Enable' in the 'Enable Contextual Search'  chrome flags.

Opera mini Beta

Completely revamped user interface and features for the good old opera mini is available as Beta fire download.
Get our now any try the light and super compressed web. Download Opera Mini Beta from Play store:: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.mini.native

Who started the Trend?

Who Tweeted it First?
How to find out who first tweeted the Trending tag? Here is a way.
Find out who first tweeted something. You can search by using any term, sentence or phrase.
As Twitter indexed every tweet ever made, its now easy to find out who tweeted it first.
The tool by Digital Inspiration will make it for you.
Visit the amazing Who Tweeed It First >>  http://ctrlq.org/first/

Tesla to enter India

The world famous +Tesla Motors  to enter India. And the selling point is Price, as the India is price sensitive market. 
But the already established Indian player in Diesel vehicles, the +Mahindra Rise  which also struggling to sell electric vehicles has sold only 1000 unites of its electric model 'Reva' in last 1 year. http://goo.gl/CvDkY7

The main problem in India is availability of ample electricity in remote places. Where metro cities like Mumbai faces electricity cut outs, what about other area?

Will Tesla do it's magic in India? What you think?

Office Online Supports Dropbox

Microsoft Office Online with Dropbox integration support is now available for Download in Google play store for Android.
You can view and edit files sorted in your Dropbox account directly from Office application.
No need to install Dropbox application.

Want more updates daily?? Please follow on social media..
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How To Download APK Of Restricted Android Application On PC & Mobile

21 November, 2014

Many Android applications are country specific. Z Launcher, Opera Turbo and such apps are not available in India. Some applications require specific version of Operating system, like to use latest version of Google Calender, you must use Android 4.1 and above.

Play store display the errors like, 'This app is incompatible with all of your devices' or 'This item is not available in your country'.

Google Play store do not show such restricted and incompatible applications if you search from your Android device. You have to search play store from your PC or go to the URL from external source. Other applications are restricted as per operating system version.

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