01 March, 2013

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Free Tools To Create, Edit, Split, Merge, Sign & Convert PDF

If you want to create a new PDF file from common document formats like Word, presentation, images, web pages or split the existing PDF file or merge many files into one file or extract images, rearrange page orders, sign the PDF or insert security certificate, add a bookmark or insert watermark, attach a file or anything like that, these free and easy to use tools will help you.

PDF split and merge
Along with the basic feature of splitting and merging one file to many and many into one single PDF file, it also allows to rotate the page orientation, reorder the page sequence and many other features.
  • The Merge feature keep your forms and styles intact if the PDF have any. There is a special feature about it. 
  • You can add your 'Password' to the resulting PDF file.
PDF jumbler
It is a specialized tool to arrange the page order in pdf file. It provides a visual interface to drag and drop the pages and arrange them into the custom order and then save the PDF.

Download the PDF Jumbler here.

doPDF is a super simple yet excellent application to create or convert any document in to PDF format. When you install doPDF, it install as a virtual printer and then you can convert any document in to a PDF which have print option.
When you hit the 'print' command, select the doPDF as a printer, and it convert the document in to PDF.
  • Create or convert any Word, Excel, Image, webpage, presentation or any other printable document in to a good quality PDF file. It install as a PDF printer and any document that is having 'Print' option, can be converted into PDF.
  • The converted PDF file have the search ability, so it does not convert the texts in PDF to a image, it is exact PDF file.
  • You can set the page size of resulting PDF.
  • If you are using some odd fonts or Asian languages, you can embed the font into the PDF file so that it does not loose the formatting and open correctly anywhere.
  • You can set the output folder and the viewer after completion of conversion.
  • It is free, very fast and light. Download DoPDF.

jPDF Tweak
This is a very advanced and batch processing tool for PDF files. It can batch process the multiple PDF files to the given set of instructions.
  • jPDF Tweak can rotate the pages from landscape to portrait and opposite. You can either select to rotate landscape or portrait pages also.
  • The page size can be changed and the complete PDF file page size can be changed to any custom size irrespective of the original size of pages of the PDF document.
  • You can add a custom image based watermark or a semi transparent text based watermark to all or any specified page in the PDF file. The page numbers can also be inserted.
  • The shuffle/N-up feature is a great way to have multiple pages on a single page. You can arrange the multiple pages from the same PDF document into a single page.
  • You can add your own custom preset bookmarks to any PDF file.
  • The 'Add file' feature allow you to attach an external file to a PDF file. You can use it to add some special font files used in the PDF file so that if the document is opened into the new computer which do not have installed the targeted font file, still then the formatting will remain intact.
  • The other great feature is 'Interaction'. You can preset, how the PDF viewer will show the file. You can preset whether the toolbar, menu bar, UI, bookmarks bar and such other PDF viewer tools should be shown or not while viewing the PDF file.
  • You can add the PDF properties like author name, company name, owner's credentials, copyright information and other information.
  • You can then encrypt the file to hide the sensitive data with various algorithms like 128-bit RC4, 128 b-bit AES. You can add the digital signature and certificate to the file.
  • Download jPDF Tweak from here

This is a specialized signing tool for PDF file. It gives more customization feature for your signature and certification.

You can download jSignPDF here.

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