14 November, 2018

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Practical Guide To Check And Update PC For Spectre & Meltdown

The web is full of Spectre and Meltdown vulnerability discussion. It's too confusing for most. Just to keep track of with the view of a noob like me, I have created this post to understand the sequence of events, who is vulnerable, how to patch, how to check if I am secured, and the impact of patch update on my basic machine.

02 October, 2018

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How to Delete Your Skype Account

Skype used to be simple, clean and very easy to use, which is precisely what the users needed – and still do. Ever since Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011, it has become complex and confusing, ruining the experience. What’s more, Microsoft recently ended support for the “classic” version of the software.

Skype has lost its competitive edge, as there are many similar services out there, such as Facebook Messenger for daily use, Telegram for safety, and Slack for business. They are much more intuitive than Skype, so people are fully embracing them and increasingly deleting their Skype accounts.

24 September, 2018

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Best Desktop Gaming CPUS Of 2018

CPUs meant for gaming come about in multiple budgets and there’s almost never enough of it that one can get. And so, for as long as you have a set budget and are on a lookout for the processors to suit your gaming needs, here’s our list of the best. All you’ve got to do is look up the budget and we’ve listed the best processor that goes with it.

16 September, 2018

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How To Change Default Search Engine In Windows 10

Windows 10 is the best Windows ever. But Bing is not the substitute for Google. Yes, you can't set the Google as default search engine for taskbar search queries and start menu search queries. The default search engine is Microsoft Bing and the default browsers are also Microsoft Edge.

The Bing and Edge are tightly integrated into Windows 10 and very difficult to change. But the Search Deflector help you to solve both of your problems.

04 September, 2018

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Open Source Alternatives For Google Play Store

Yes, Google Play Store is an official App store for Android. After all its from Google. But that doesn't mean, there are not better options. Yes! Though not plenty, still there are great alternatives where you get many really cool apps you won't get on the Google Play Store.

The Reason everyone recommends Google Play Store is, the security. We must agree with the argument. Google always scan, manage and warn you about every potentially harmful app you install via Play Store. There is no such authority with other alternative app repositories. That doesn't mean you should not try them at all.

23 August, 2018

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How To Repair Corrupt USB Flash Drive

Is your USB drive broken? USB flash drive repair tool can help you to recover your damaged or corrupt USB pen drive. The USB flash drive may damage while you are trying to install a new operating system. While creating many partitions or due to some virus that corrupts the entire USB drive.
You can use the same tool for SD Cards and other portable storage devices. 
I was trying out the Google Chromium OS. After the test, I tried to format my USB flash drive. But the USB drive was completely destroyed and had only 1GB usable space. 
The other 3GB space was not accessible. When opened the Windows Disk management tool, there were 8 partitions. Out of 8, only one partition was usable by Windows. All other partitions were of no any use.
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How To Disable PDF Reader Feature In All Browsers

If you want to disable PDF viewer in a browser like Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge for opening PDF in external PDF reader software, you need to do few settings in your favorite browser. This will always download the PDF for offline viewing and open in external full-fledged PDF viewer.