19 August, 2019

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6 Uncommon VLC Media Player Features

The VLC media player is known to play every media format. But there are other very useful features that make it even better than you ever think.

10 August, 2019

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Limit Maximum Volume In Windows With Sound Lock

While watching a movie, you might have observed the sudden increase in volume and you have to manually reduce the volume. This is more problematic when you are watching videos at night and other family members are sleeping. The more annoyance is when the sound volume goes back to a low level because the volume is too much only during some high action scenes.

You can normalize the sound and set the maximum limit of the volume for all the applications running across the Windows OS.

08 August, 2019

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How to Add RSS Feed To Pinterest Profile For Auto Publish

You already know that your blogger blog URL can be added and verified with your Pinterest profile. Now you can add the RSS feed of your any blog or website to the Pinterest account profile so that every new post will be automatically added to the Pinterest board without manually pinning every new post to the Pinterest boards.

07 August, 2019

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Change Color Of Windows 10 Mouse Pointer To Any Custom Color

If you have updated your Windows 10 to the latest build of 18945 or later, you can change the color of your mouse pointer to any color you want. 
The size of the pointer can also be changed to anything. A tiny update but very useful for everyone. You don't have to install any third-party application or anything like that.

30 July, 2019

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How To Block A Specific Website On Windows Without Any Software

I know, you want to be productive and don't want to waste your time on browsing Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. But you don't know, how you go there and you waste hours on those social media sites.

Self-control is the only way to use your time for productivity. If you don't want your kids and other family members to open a few specific websites, that is also possible by editing the Windows Host file.

27 July, 2019

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4 Best Screen To GIF Recording Free Software

Screen recorder that saves the output as GIF animation for Windows can help you to capture screen activity and use the result in illustration tutorials. You can also create a funny GIF for sharing using these free software. The best and free GIF creators software with the special feature are listed here.
  • Best when the length of recording is relatively small.
  • Animation start playing as soon as the image load.
  • Size is small compared to video.
  • GIF animations easily grab social media attention and have more click ratio.
  • Automatic playback of animation and unlimited looping.
Record screen activity to create GIF animations. If you are a blogger, animations get a huge response on social media. Irrespective of browser and platform, animations start immediately.
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Upload All Music To Google Play Music To Create Your Own Music Streaming Service

Not all your favorite songs are available on one music streaming service. Or your non-music soundtracks are also not available on any streaming. You can create your own music streaming service by uploading all your music files to Google Play Music.

Do you upload your music files to Google Play Music?