07 February, 2020

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7 Best Image Viewer Software for Windows 10 That Can Replace The Photos App

After 5 years of Windows 10 release, the stock Windows Photos App is still buggy and lags on powerful modern systems. It's not the hardware, but Microsoft has not polished the most important app of Windows 10.
Though the Photos app is gradually improving, there is still a lot to be done in the field of performance. Most of the time the Windows 10 Photos app does not open at all or crashes frequently. Many times it is very slow on startup. Though Windows 10 offers a built-in troubleshooting feature, it does not work some times.
Best Photo Viewer Apps For Windows 10
But here is the list of  7 Best Image Viewer Software for Windows 10 That Can Replace the Photos App.

02 February, 2020

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4 Free Software To Join / Combine & Split Videos

Software to join or combine multiple videos is useful if you have a single event video split over multiple clips. Videos recorded on mobile are most of the time split over multiple clips. A simple tool to join videos comes handy to combine them all into one single video file.

You don't need a resource-hungry professional tool to join the video clips. A simple tool that only combines all the videos in a single file in an order you want is more than sufficient.

Here is completely free software for Windows that join videos without downgrading the video quality.

28 January, 2020

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Best App To Design Beautiful Invitation Cards

Whenever you want to make a special announcement about the special day, you need to write a beautiful message along with some attractive design. The basic purpose of such an invitation card is to invite your loved ones to add more colors to your happiness. You can take assistance from any invitation card maker if you don’t know how to design a picture-perfect card.

16 January, 2020

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4 Completely Free YouTube Apps To Download Videos Extract Audio In MP3 With Background Playback

Apps that download YouTube videos are plenty. But you can't trust everyone. Here are the best apps from the crowd that can download any YouTube video, extract the audio as MP3, play video in the background and you can use it as a dedicated music player, download complete playlists and many others.

All the Apps listed here are completely free, open-source projects. You can check the source code or join the community.
Android apps listed are not available on the Google Play Store. You can get the listed and other open-source Android apps at F-Droid.

12 September, 2019

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Most Useful Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are java-scripts that executes only when you want. Unlike browser extensions, they do not keep running in the background. They are better than extensions all the time. Bookmarklets are universal and same bookmarklet work across all the browsers.

11 September, 2019

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Must Have Firefox Extensions [Update 5]

Firefox is a Powerful browser by Birth, add Superpower to it by theses must-have extensions. Apart from extensions, you can install extremely useful Bookmarklets and custom Userscripts in Firefox that also add additional features to the browser.

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Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme In 3 Easy Steps

Apart from using the ready-made Google Chrome themes from Chrome web store, you can create your own theme. Google Chrome theme creator helps you to create all type of themes from scratch. You can use a custom background image, choose any color for all the browser elements and then pack into the Chrome ready package and upload it to Google Chrome Web Store.