09 July, 2018

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How To Extract Damaged ZIP Files

ZIP is a popular format for sending multiple files over the network. You download a very important ZIP archive from the internet and then find that the ZIP file is either corrupt or damaged due to an incomplete download or any other reason. But there is a way to repair or fix the damaged archive without redownloading.
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ZIP repair help you to extract files form damaged or corrupt zip archive which is not possible by regular zip software.
What to do if you want to extract whatever inside, whether its part of it?
The ZIP Repair can help you. The DiskInternals ZIP Repair is free ZIP repair software for Windows.

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select the damaged zip archive file to extract the content

  • ZIP repair helps you to extract the files inside archive even if the file structure is incomplete or damaged. 
  • Whatever the files inside the archive are extracted which is not possible with regular ZIP extraction software.
files recovered from damaged or corrupt zip archive

  • The wizard-like interface of ZIP Repair is straightforward and simple. 
  • Just select the archive and hit next. The files inside the archive will be extracted and a new folder will be created.
  • That's so easy.
You can download ZIP Repair for free here.
Do you know any other similar tool to fix the ZIP extraction error?

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