26 March, 2016

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11 Hidden Tips Of Windows 10 You Must Know

Windows 10 is the greatest Windows ever. There are many hidden feature you must know to get the best thing working. Get directly to the point..

# Add The God Mode
Create a folder that have links to all the hidden deep settings of Windows 10. Its a master folder there you will find each and everything. Create a new folder anywhere and name it to "God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}" without quotes.
The name will automatically change to God Mode. The good thing is, you can create shortcut of any settings applet.

# Run shell commands from Windows file explorer
Windows File Explorer have many hidden features. You can run the shell commands directly from file explorer address bar. Just enter any command in address field and hit enter. You don't need to open the 'Run dialogue'.
# Some folders load very slowly
Do some of your folders loading very slowly in file explorer? That may be because the good feature of Windows file explorer at wrong place.

File explorer try to arrange and add more features depending upon the type of files folder contains. But if your folder contains files of different type it may need too much time to load the content.

Simply change the folder properties. Right click on folder >> select properties >> select customize tab and select >> general items. Now that irritating loading time will vanish.

# Search Windows without search box
What if, you have hidden the 'Cortana search box' from task bar and want to search the desktop? There is no way to add a search box in start menu, like older version of Windows.

But that should not create any problem. Just click on start button and start typing your query and the search feature will automatically start working.

# How to add or remove software from startup folder
Run the command shell:startup . This is the folder containing shortcuts for all the apps that automatically start on Windows startup. You can add your own or remove those you don't want to start by own. Copy and paste the shortcut of required software in the startup folder.

To disable the startup apps and services, you can also use the < msconfig > run command also with more powerful options.

# Skip the login screen in Windows 10
Don't care much about security or do you trust everyone? Either way, you can skip manually entering your Windows password by doing a simple trick. Just disable the login screen.

Enter the shell command 'netplwiz' in run dialogue or in file explorer address bar and untick 'user must enter username and password to use this computer'.

# Find out Windows 10 expiry date
Find expiry date of your Windows insider version. Run the command winver

# Record tech tutorials
If you are a blogger or want to record the tutorial or how-to, there is built in tool for it. Run the command "psr" without quotes.

# Create shortcut for every app installed with AppsFolder
Run the command < Shell:AppsFolder > The apps folder will open.

Create shortcut for any of your hidden chrome app or a Windows universal app. Open the Apps folder and right click to create a shortcut.

# Completely disable Windows update

I don't know, what is that thing, peoples keep hating the greatest Windows ever? And try to keep finding reasons for not upgrading or updating the OS.
If you get updates for Android, iOS, OSX or anything not derived from Microsoft, everyone jump over features asking you to adopt. If Google break your privacy in every manner, its no matter of debate, but Microsoft, even without any proof, is at fire for telemetry.
But when Microsoft is giving away a free update, most of the so intellectuals are busy in spreading the false.
Sorry.. That is not the part of discussion here.
If you still want to completely disable Windows updates, simply download the tiny tool.
http://www.site2unblock.com/win-updates-disabler/ By using Winupdate disabler, you can disable Windows OS updates, Windows defender and firewall updates also.

The other simple trick to disable updates without installing any software, is to set your data connection on metered. You can read more about it in this post.

# Get the Windows serial key from old.windows folder
If you have upgraded your Windows from any previous version like Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 without automatically fetching the key of older OS, you can still copy it from the old.windows folder.

One more tiny tool will help you. https://github.com/Superfly-Inc/ShowKeyPlus/releases

# Uninstall Windows universal apps
There is a power shell way to uninstall the builtin Windows apps. But there simple was as easy as add or remove programs. Install the system cleaning app Ccleaner. It can help you to uninstall the system apps without messing up with the power shell.

I expect you have already read the previous part of this post ... 19 Tweaks You Must Do After Installing Windows 10

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Windows 10 is the greatest Windows ever. There are many hidden feature you must know to get the best thing working. Get directly to the point..
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  1. Hi, can I make iso of my windows 10 home edition. I updated my windows 8.1 to 10. But I have no original disc.. to reinstall

    1. If you have the valid Windows 8.1 licence, better to download the ISO from Microsoft download page.
      If you don't want to waste bandwidth, yes, you can create the ISO from Windows installation. Try the system image in settings.

  2. I tried the god mode thing, but it didn't change the name. It stayed: {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}, is there a reason for this?

    1. I think, you cant change the name. Its mandatory

  3. god mode works great, just had to fix it;-)

  4. What extended or advanced features can you enabled with 'god mode' I read somewhere; unfortunately I didn't bookmark the page :(

    1. i think it does not add any special feature but give you shortcut to number of deep buried settings shortcuts. So you may feel those are some advanced features. Go through every shortcut to find out.

    2. I had some great Windows10 tips, but when upgrading NextGen reader for Windows10; which is an excellent RSS reader; I lost them.