24 April, 2012

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SkyDrive Desktop Client Available For Download

Do you use Microsoft SkyDrive? If yes, this is a good news for you and if not, here are more reasons for you to sign up now. Microsoft has released an automatic synching desktop client for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX, iPhone and Windows Phone.

The 25 GB of free cloud space is largest free storage space given by any cloud service available today but to keep it up you have to act early. Because Microsoft has reduced the default space of SkyDrive to 7 GB but if you act early you can claim your 25 GB free cloud space.
SkyDrive free storage limit

SkyDrive plans
You just have to click on a button 'Claim your 25 GB' space and select the Free plan which is 25 GB for early birds. We don't know when it will end.

Though DropBox is more favorite service than SkyDrive, Microsoft is luring people by giving more free space and now the most important drawback of not having a Desktop client has been removed. 
SkyDrive Desktop Client

The SkyDrive app for Desktop is straight forward and simple to use. Download SkyDrive for Windows or other platforms from here. Install the client and it will ask for 'Live' user ID and password. Once you sign up, you have to set the location for SkyDrive folder. You can set it anywhere, right on the desktop or inside user documents folder or anywhere you want. 

Once done, the files will start syncing to your SkyDrive. Now you don't have to manually update every file from the browser. You can also use the same SkyDrive on more than one machine. Enabling this option while installation will help you to access your documents form more than one computer.

Our Bad Experience: We have a backup of the same files (images and PDF) on local hard disk. When we first downloaded and installed the SkyDrive client, to avoid the redundant data transfer, we copied the same files with the same name and folder structure on SkyDrive web, into the local SkyDrive folder and expected that it only smart check the file names and binary and mark them as synched. But instead the client completely downloaded the files wasting the bandwidth and time. This was not the case with Dropbox.
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