17 May, 2020

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Show Network Speed On TaskBar In Windows 10

You can add network speed, CPU usage stats, system temperatures, and other useful information to your Windows OS taskbar. A small tool to display multiple stats on the taskbar which can be customized as you want.
All the software listed here is free to use and add very handy and useful information to your Windows taskbar.
Show Network Speed On TaskBar In Windows 10

NetSpeed Monitor

Just like the Android mobiles display the upload and download speed of your 4G network, the NetspeedMonitor helps you to display the real-time uploading and downloading speed of your network on your Windows PC. 

The software is old and at first installation, it says that it does not support Windows 10. But you can install it by right click on installation file >> Troubleshoot compatibility >> Install. It works flawlessly after that.
NetSpeedMonitor shows current network speed in taskbar on Windows 10
Though the software not actively developed, NetspeedMonitor is the best tool that serves the purpose.
You can change the font size, font style, and other basic settings in NetspeedMonitor.
The NetSpeedMonitor logs all your daily data usage stats.  You can export the data to an external database.

As the software is not actively developed, you can download it from my Google drive shared folder.


XMeters is a superb tool you will love to use. It has a polished and modern interface. Easy to setup. It is a system monitoring tool that monitors network speed, RAM usage, CPU Core usage, and hard drive storage monitoring.
XMeters display network speed, CPU core stats on taskbar
All the statistics are displayed on the taskbar. You can select what you want and left what you don't want to display on the taskbar.

XMeters is free for use only limitation is, the refresh rate in the free version of the software is locked to 3 seconds which is a little slow update. But still bearable. If you like the application, you can opt for buying the full version.
XMeters Settings


NetWorx displays your current connection speed in a floating graph on desktop. It does not embed the graph on the taskbar though. 
NetWorx speed counter graph
It can combine the numeric speed with a small colorful graph. You can change the colors of the graph as you want. 
The 'Quota' feature of NetWorx allows you to monitor your monthly data limits, beyond the usage of the set limit, NetWorx notifies you about exhausting your monthly data cap. 

NetWorx also logs all your daily data usage and you can easily track your daily, weekly, or monthly data usage.

NetWorx is free to use. Though the available software says that it is a trial version for 30 days, it keeps working even after that. Note that the developer has stopped NetWorx active development.

NetTraffic Monitor

NetTraffic Monitor network speed monitor for Windows
NetTraffic Monitor also tracks the network speed and shows it as a graph on desktop. Note that, it does not show the network speed on the taskbar. When you hover the mouse over the taskbar icon, it popup the current speeds.

The continuously updating graph can be moved anywhere on the desktop and it is resizable. 

NetTraffic Monitor logs your daily, weekly, and monthly data usage statistics and you can easily manage your data usage. You can easily visualize your data usage based on time of the day so that you can find when you were online most of the time. Similar to the NetWorx tool, NetTraffic monitor can also notify about your monthly quota, once you set the maximum usage limit.


BitMeter also shows a re-sizable graph of network speed on the Windows desktop. Graph opacity and click-through ability can be toggled for easy use.
BitMeter Network speed monitor graph


If you want only network speeds, the good old NetSpeedMonitor is sufficient. If you want other stats like CPU core usage, memory, and storage space, go for XMeters.
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