15 May, 2020

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Create Cute XMarks Calendar To Track Habit & Stay Motivated

Create or bread a habit if you follow it for 21 days. Creating a 7x7 calendar and X marking the grid helps you keep motivated. 
There are many habits tracking mobile apps, still, the X marks are the best thing to stay motivated. XMarks calendar is the best way to build and track your daily habit. You can create a simple Xmark calendar to track your habits and here are very useful and customizable calendar creation tools for you. 

The XMarks calendar may prove to be the best motivation for developing a good habit and keeping it up forever.
Though it is a very basic idea, it does works. It is always in front of you and keeps you charged so that you should not skip the habit.
Here are few free resources to create a good-sized XMarks calender templet. 

Microsoft Excel

Excel serves as a basic but useful tool to create a simple calendar. As Microsoft Excel is available on almost every Windows PC, most of the peoples are already aware to use it.
There are hundreds of free templates in Excel to create a calendar of any year. You can customize the first day of the week, year, and design as you want.

To Create an XMarks calendar in Excel, go to new >> select Calendar tab and select the calendar you want and click on the button “Create”.
This will add a new calendar in excel. You can change options like the first day of the week, month, and year for which you want to create a calendar. 

You can also change the photo header at the top. There are many templets available for free.
Go to Page Layout and select the page size you want to print the calendar on. Once done, you can take print of the calendar to start your journey.

Print-a Calendar

A pretty but easy online service to create a simple Xmarks calendar. Select the year, calendar range like monthly, yearly, or two months and likewise. You can change the first day of the week, the size of the calendar, and the size of the page you want to print it.

Select your settings and click the download button. You get a PDF calendar. Neat and useful.
The Print-a Calendar is a standalone service you can use to print a whole year of calendar on a single page. Use a single page of one habit and multiple pages of the same calendar for multiple habit tracking. Believe me, it works. Instead of a mobile app, try this traditional method.

Canva Calendar Maker

If you want a designer calendar, Canva does it. As the Canva is popular for creating a great banner, logos, and other graphics, Calendar is merely a part of the design. You can create very attractive calendars in Canva.
Calendar templates on Canva

Log in to your account. Click on the 'Create a design' button. Scroll through the popup menu and select 'Calendar'. Select the appropriate calendar template you want. There are hundreds of templates to choose from. You can customize the graphics to your imagination. There is no limit.
Canva can be used to create other forms of graphic designs and is free to use to a certain level. Some features are paid though most of the free features will get word done. Visit Canva

I got the idea of using XMarks to track my daily habits from a Reddit Sub XEffect. The header image is also from a Redditor 
If you want to read some best discussions, suggest you join these subs on Reddit. r/XEffect and r/Productivity.

What else you would recommend? Please comment.
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