14 May, 2020

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How To Find And Download Any Movie & TV Show : A Downloader Guide

Recently I build a Plex server for home entertainment. But I had a very small collection of movies and TV shows.
There are many ways to get the movies but what about the video quality, the subtitles, audio languages, and subtitles. And, most important is not all the movies available at one source. So I searched many places and tried many resources. Here is the final list of destinations that is best to find and download almost any movies ever released in theaters.
All the listed resources are free and obvious, the only thing is there is a better way to do it.
Comprehensive guide to download any movie and tv show

Finding Great Movies

You may have few on your mind but still, you should create a list. There are many great movies not in your local language. So, the IMDB will help you to create a great collection list for movies and TV shows. IMDB is available in every language. If you have an Amazon account, the same account will work there. IMDB has an Android and iOS app. You can browse for best movies as per critics ratings, sort by year, actors, and languages.
Once you have finalized the list its time to get them to your hard drive.
IMDB Manage your Movie watchlist


Telegram First source of movies download
Telegram Android app should be your first source to get those favorite movies because the easiest way to get them Just install the app and search for movie channels or groups. 

Though presented as a competition for famous WhatsApp, Telegram is famous for sharing everything that is not possible with WhatsApp. Huge social groups for sharing large video files are popular on Telegram. Once you have installed Telegram, search for terms like 'Hindi movies'. 

The first thing you must remember is, most of these groups are spams. Giving you nothing even after you join the group. They just keep you asking for another group with fake click-bait names of the latest movies and other things. The only skill is to find the correct group and find the movie you want. Once you find a group with real movies without spam and advertising, stay there and download movies. 

Unlike WhatsApp, all the files shared ever on the group are available to every member of the group even if you have joined the group after the file is shared. That makes it a heaven for sharing videos.

Once you joined a group,  you don't need to scroll through all the chat. Go to >> group info >> click on the 'Files' tab. All the videos ever shared in that group are there. You can create a separate group and forward all the files to be downloaded to that group to manage your list clutter-free.


YouTube First choice to download movies

Most of the time, YouTube has everything that you wish. There are plenty of (Android) and Windows software to download any YouTube videos. You can also download a complete playlist. We have already covered the best Android apps to download any YouTube video as well as the Windows software to download any YouTube video in maximum possible resolution.

If you don't want to go into details, NewPipe for Android is the best open-source app to download YouTube videos, and there is no better alternative for Free Download Manager on Windows. Just copy-paste YouTube URL and hit download. You don't have to do anything extra. Extremely easy and efficient. Resume capacity for failed downloads.


YIFY Movies Best Movie Torrent

If you don't want that 4K movie with the highest resolution with the highest bitrate, and if you are fine with 780p to 1080p resolution, YIFY is the best collection of every Hollywood movie you need. 

It does list many Hindi / Bollywood movies. Best categorized and very will sort and maintained. You can choose from 1080p or 720p resolution. Sort moves as per their IMDb ratings and latest movies. You can make your list by adding the movie to favorite list. The YIFY app is available on Android and website.


Final Destination to Find your movies

If you don't find it anywhere else, you will surely find it on Torrents. But it comes with risk. If you are fine with the circumstances of piracy, go ahead. The Pirates Bay and 1337X are the best destinations to find your favorite movies and TV shows.

But, you may find that these sites are blocked in your country and you need a VPN to browse most of the torrent sites. What if you do not have a VPN or a similar thing? The TOR Project allows you to browse any website on the internet that is blocked in your area. You do not need to set up anything extra. It is just a fork of Firefox browser, that easily changes your IP address and you can browse with one click.

The TOR Project Browser

If you don't want to go in too much technical stuff to browse the torrent sites that are blocked in your countries, Download the Tor browser
Tor Browser : Browse blocked websites without VPN
Search for your favorite movies. Select the best file that suits your need. You may get multiple results for one search, choose the file with the best resolution, better reviews, and highest Peers that will make your download faster. You may see the screenshots of the videos before starting download to check the quality.

Best Download Manager: Internet, YouTube, Torrents

Free Download Manager

Long story short.  The Free Download Manager is best to download the manager.
It supports 
  • General-purpose internet download manager 
  • Supports downloading YouTube videos
  • Torrent downloader
It acts as a Torrent manager. It can seed files as well as download any torrent magnet of the direct torrent. You don't have to install multiple software for downloading YouTube videos, internet downloaders, and Torrents. It's best for Windows.


If you want to download Torrents on Android, Flud is the best app. It is free and with a small ad banner that does not interrupt anything for a full-screen banner type advertising. You can buy a premium version if you want. 
Flud : Torrent download manager for Android
I use the same software on Windows. The Free Download Manager. It is a regular internet download manager plus a torrent client. It does seed your files as regular torrent manager. On Android, I use Flud App. Believe me, its best torrent on Android.
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