19 April, 2013

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Must Have Free Apps For Android

Google Play store is now crowded with apps. You get a new app and update to the installed app every day. Still then, there is the limited list of apps every smart android user must have on their phone.
Here is the list of apps that you must install for productive use of the mobile.

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Before we start:
  • I have made a list of only FREE applications.
  • Some apps may offer in-app purchase.
  • The feature, memory usage, frequency of updates and active development are considered to shortlist the apps.
  • The reputation of the developer is also considered to be sure about privacy problems.
  • Every application listed here is tested at least for a month.

Here is the list:

1. Evernote: Its personal, forever notebook available on all platforms including iOS and Windows. Put all your notes, articles, research, voice notes, images, PDF and everything else.
It is a great way to organize your daily life.

2. Keep: Everything that is just not fit for sending to Evernote, comes here. A little reminder, sticky note, buying list and so. It syncs to your Google account and available everywhere.

3. PocketSave and read web articles on packet offline. Just throw any web page to Packet and it will convert it to a clean and readable format that can be accessed without a data connection.

4.Google Calendar: Organize your life events. Get reminders, find free time, shared calendar and more.

5. Google Chrome: the Most popular browser. Syncs with your desktop. Firefox is also a great choice. There are 4 variants of Google Chrome. Chrome stable, Chrome beta, Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary.

6. Google Drive: Though Dropbox is excellent cloud storage, I personally shifted to Google drive. The Google Drive Android app is best as compared to Dropbox and Microsoft One Drive.
The Google Photos companion works great saving your free storage quota.

7. Google Maps: Downloading the maps' data for offline use is a great advantage. You can save on cellular data as well as battery. You can save the offline maps' data on an external SD card also if the phone is low on the internal memory.

8. Google Photos: Google Photos is the best way to back up all your camera photos and other images also to the cloud. The high-quality images uploaded through the app will not count against your Google Drive quota.
Uploading is smooth and you can manage to back up selective folders and backup only on Wi-Fi and only while charging.

9. Google Camera: If you don't like the stock camera app of your mobile, you can capture moments with Google Camera.

10. Google Fit: Simple way to track your daily activity and sync with Google account. Also, record your location with Google map.

11. Google App: This does not need any description.

12. Google GBoard keyboard: Best Android keyboard. Almost every India language supported. You can type in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali and all other Indian languages. Handwriting support and voice to text input support. Powered by Google AI, it is most accurate and easy to use keyboard app for every android mobile.

13. Google Translate: You can either use it as a dictionary to get the meaning of specific words or a whole sentence.

14. FeedMe: Best RSS feed reader app. Support Feedly, InoReader,  The old reader, feedbin and other services. An offline reading feature, custom looks, and themes make it great.

15. Link2SD: If you have a rooted phone, it's a must. If you don't, still its best application manager. Also, have a built-in cache cleaner.

16. Money Manager EX: Completely free and feature-rich money management application. Also, available on Windows OS and Linux. No feature lock or limited period trial. It's totally free.

17. ADM: Best download manager on Android.

18. Authenticator: Two-step verification is essential and most of the popular web services offer it. Google Authenticator is widely adopted. It works with every website, even with Microsoft account.

19. Color dictionary: Apart from many other dictionary applications, it allows you to use on other apps. Just select the word in any other app and Color dictionary offer you a floating window with meaning.

20. DailyPic: Refreshing new wallpapers from Bing every day. You can set to automatically change it every day. Google Wallpaper is also there but very few wallpapers.

21. Easy Clip: Whatever text you copy on any App, will be saved. Unlimited entries and direct upload to Evernote.

22. FB Reader: a Best, completely free and most customizable e-book reader.

23. Portal: Simplest way to transfer files across PC and mobile.

24. Simple GalleryStock AOSP does not have gallery application. Simple Gallery is the best gallery application. As the name suggests, very simple without any fancy additions and completely free. No ads and data sharing. Even if your phone already has any other gallery app, you must give it a try.

25. Simple Sleep timer: If your music player, FM radio or any other application do not have a sleep timer, this will automatically close the app, you tell after a specified time.

26. Soundwire free: If your PC does not have speakers, you can use the mobile as a speaker. Needs Wi-Fi network.

27. Super Backup: Automatic backup of apps, SMS, call log at a specified interval. Works perfectly in the background. Bug-free.

28. SyncMate:  With SyncMate you can sync data between Mac and Android for free in a couple of clicks.

29. VLC media player: You can use it as a streaming media player to listen to online radio stations, even watch YouTube videos. BTW, you can also play any type of video and audio files.

30. WhatsApp: I think, you may be reading this on WhatsApp. You can also have social media apps for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

31. Nova Launcher: It is great, simple, most clean, most close to the AOSP and Google Pixel launcher with every feature. Doesn't matter, how frequently you change your phone. You can carry all your home-screen and app drawer, theme and everything with Nova Launcher. Actually, it should be the first you should install.

33. Blockada: Fade up of the Ads in android apps? Ads are good for app developers, but they should have limits. Most of the apps harvest personal data and other than showing your ads. Blockada is the best, open-source and completely free solution to block all types of advertising shown on your Android mobile.

34. F-Droid: The best Google Play Store alternative with Privacy focused apps. Try it. There are many apps that are not available on the Google Play store due to restrictions of Google policy are available on F-Droid.

Do you like the least? What are your favorite applications? Please reply.

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