11 September, 2019

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Must Have Firefox Extensions [Update 5]

Firefox is a Powerful browser by Birth, add Superpower to it by theses must-have extensions. Apart from extensions, you can install extremely useful Bookmarklets and custom Userscripts in Firefox that also add additional features to the browser.

Best Firefox Extension

uBlock Origin
Best and most famous extension to block advertises on Firefox. Uses less memory and CPU. Better than AdBlock plus and other.

Sandbox your Facebook login. Prevent Facebook from fetching your web browsing, auto logins, and everything. Facebook is completely blocked from accessing anything. Facebook is kept in only one tab.

Completely clear all the Firefox user data collection. Completely remove all the advertise target data collection from Facebook. If you really concern about your privacy and Facebook ads, you must install this. 

HTTPS Everywhere
Encrypt every web page you visit. Force HTTPS to protect your privacy.

5 Clickbait Remover
YouTube allows you to use an image that is not part of the video as a thumbnail. So many publishers use some exaggerated images for making the video a click bait. Click bait remover removes the fake thumbnail image and uses a real image from the video. It also modifies the title of the video.

6 Don't Fuck With Paste
Facebook, some banking sites and many other websites do not allow you to copy text or even paste in the fields like a password. This extension makes you copy and paste on those websites.

7 Chrome Store Foxified
Yes, you can install all the extensions from the Google Chrome store to the Firefox browser. Really useful.

8 Search by Image
Reverse image search in the browser. Supports Google, Bing and other search engines.

9 New Tab Override
Customize your new tab to whatever you want. Set the new tab URL, image and other things as you want.

10 Enhancer for YouTube
Hundreds of YouTube specific features. If you are a YouTube fan, this extension make YouTube viewing a great experience.

11 Default Bookmark Folder
Select your default folder in your bookmarks tree. New bookmarks will be auto-saved to the selected folder. Easy bookmark manager.

Have too many bookmarks? Bookmark organizer helps you to sort and remove the duplicate, dead, no longer working bookmarks.

Translate the selected text from the context menu. Uses Google Translate in back.

Google or Bing translator in the browser toolbar. Works as Google auto translator in Google Chrome.

Monitor and block if your browser is used for mining the cryptocurrency without your intention. Read details.

Remove all the tracking elements from any URL.

Find out extension is accessing what permission? Very useful if you are using too many extensions.

Similar to Permission Inspector, the Project Insight sort the extensions as per permissions. See what URLs the add-on can connect to and intercept. A user-friendly explanation of what each permission can do when you click on it.

You can install custom user script that adds extra features to the browser. Greasemonkey is the best for Firefox and is open source. Read What are custom user script for browser, how to install them and the best user scripts for Firefox

Every Evernote user uses it. Clip any web page to your Evernote account.

Many Google search result pages do not work exactly as they work in Google Chrome. Google intentionally do it. Some instant results are broken in Firefox. Changing the user agent to Google Chrome can help. Read Fix Google Search Experience On Firefox For Android 

22 OneTab
Have too many tabs open? OneTab converts all the open tab to a group and saves the session with time and date stamp so that you can open it any time. Release system resources.

This will simply tell you about the server location of the site you are visiting. Server IP address and nation flag. More options also available.

24 GrabMyBooks
If you want to save a web page in an e-book reading format, it converts your web page in a .Epub format by removing unwanted items with one click. Install

25 dotepub
Convert any web page into an epub formatted ebook. Read more here

Send any web page to your Kindle eReader from the Firefox browser.

Please add your favorite extension in comments...

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