03 January, 2012

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Must Have Firefox Extensions [Update 3]

Firefox is a Powerful browser by Birth, add Superpower to it by theses must have extensions. 
Must Have Extensions Firefox
About: Me:: This extension helps you to monitor your own online activity like browsing trends, history, time on particular sites, most visited sites, downloads and more. Install

AdBlock Plus:: Most famous extension of Firefox. Block all flash advertises and make your browsing clean and simple. Install

Automatic Save Folder:: This will give options to your downloads to save the files in different folders as per the domain, file type and file name. Install

Ad-On compatibility reporter:: Does exactly what it says. Tell you if your add-on is not compatible with the updated version of Firefox. Install

Clearly:: If you are a vivid web reader, this is must. Make your reading a pleasant experience by making the webpage backgrounds dark and removing unwanted items. You can set your custom themes, background color and font, font size etc. Install

Download Manager Tweak:: Add many useful buttons on downloading tab. Like open the downloading folder, start, stop, pause downloading etc. Install 

FEFB:: Create a one file back-up of your all your Firefox extensions, add-on, bookmarks, preferences and everything. If you lost your Firefox, just reinstall it and everything is just like same. Install

FlagFox:: This will simply tell you about the server location of the site you are visiting. Server IP address and nation flag. More options also available. Install

FlashGot:: If you are not satisfied with the built in downloading speeds and use external software for downloading, this will integrate your any software to use with Firefox. Install

goo.gl:: This is the one click URL shortener for goo.gl. You can also use your Google account for it. Install

GrabMyBooks:: If you want to save a webpage in an eBook reading format, it converts your webpage in a .Epub format by removing unwanted items with one click. Install

Preferences Cleaner:: It's a cleaner for your browser. Same like a system cleaner application for your software, it removes the traces of uninstalled extensions that make your browser slow. Install

Restart Less Restart:: It removes the weak point of Firefox. Now you don't have to restart your Firefox after installing any extension. Install

Shareholic:: This a universal social media share button for your browser. you can easily share any webpage on any social service and also to blogs, your emails and more. Install

User Agent Switcher:: Some site do not support some browsers. Some site have different versions mobile and desktops. You can test both and and any devices. It has all mobiles, all OS and all browser agents. Install

Web Of Trust::  This is a community based website reputation tool. Its a must have for everyone and alert you if you are browsing a site having bad back records. Install 

Page Hacker:: Edit the web page you are viewing and then you can save it by deleting the unwanted content on page. Remove ads and unwanted stuff and then save the web page by using the above extension. great combination. very useful.

SkipScreen:: Fade-up of waiting screens on site like rapid-share and mega-upload, its for you. Automatically wait for specified period and then download the file. Install

Auto context:: Automatically pop ups the copy, select all options menu if you select some text. Many other advanced option and easy switching. 

IEView:: Some sites still support only Internet Explorer. This way you can set your Firefox as a Internet Explorer User-Agent. Install

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