12 September, 2019

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Most Useful Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are java-scripts that executes only when you want. Unlike browser extensions, they do not keep running in the background. They are better than extensions all the time. Bookmarklets are universal and same bookmarklet work across all the browsers.

Bookmarklets are system resource friendly. How?
Extensions keep using system resources even though you are not using them.
For example, extensions like social media sharing services, keep running in the background even though you are not sharing any web page.

Bookmarklets are Universal:
The same bookmarklet is used across all browser like Chrome, Firefox or Opera
Irrespective of a platform like Windows, Linux or even mobile OS like Android or iOS.

Most useful bookmarklets for every browser

How to use Bookmarklets:
Just drag the bookmarklet button or link containing javascript to bookmark bar of the browser. You can either create a folder of it or direct button.

Here is a collection of bookmarklets that you can replace for an extension.

1. Google Bookmark:
Easily save any URL to Google bookmark. You can also edit the labels and add notes to bookmark.
Link or Drag this Bookmarklet

2. Wikipedia Lookup
Select any text string on the web page and hit this bookmarklet. It will automatically open the Wikipedia page with the selected text as a query.

3. Share on Facebook:
Share the current web page to Facebook. Link

4. Share on Twitter:
Share the current web page to Twitter.
Link or Drag this Bookmarklet

5. TwitShot:
As tweets with images get more interaction, Twitshot allows you to share any link to Twitter and add an appropriate image from the same web page that will attract more followers.
Link / Bookmarklet

6. StumbleUpon:
Share webpages to StumbleUpon social bookmarking site.

7. Pin it:
Pin the current web page to the Pinterest social bookmarking site.
Link official developer page or direct bookmarklet.

8. What Font:
Easily find out which font is used on any web page you are browsing. The font size and line spacing and more information about the typography of any web page.
Link or Direct Bookmarklet

9. Google Transliteration:
Do you want to type in any language other than English? This Google Transliteration bookmarklet will easily enable the Google Transliteration service in your browser for easy local language typing on any website.
Languages supported are Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Tamil, Telugu, Tigrinya and Urdu.
Go to this google Link and drag respective language bookmarklet.

10. Bing Translate:
Though Chrome automatically translates web page with Google Translate, you can use Bing Translate on Mozilla Firefox and other browsers.
Link or Drag the Bookmarklet (For English) For other languages, go to the web page and select your language.

11. Keep It Video:
Let you save/download videos from YouTube and other streaming websites. It converts the YouTube video link to a downloadable video file link. No need to install any extra software.
Link or Direct Bookmarklet

12. Print-Friendly:
It removes the unwanted part of a web page like ads, signatures, logos and any unwanted matter before you print the web page. You can either download as PDF or sent the page to your email address.
Link or Bookmarklet

13.The Print eliminator:
Bookmarklet with some simple tools to makes websites print better. One-click to activate, and then click to remove elements like graphics, and apply better print styling. You can rearrange page items.
Link or [ Bookmarklet ]

14. sideCLOUDload:
It can download any web file directly to your Dropbox account. No need to download locally and then upload to Dropbox. Its like file from one Google Drive account is saved to other Google Drive account.

15. Bug Me Not / Get Login:
All these three bookmarklets give you a shared user ID and password for websites like forums, file-sharing services, and any other sites. Sometimes you need to create an account to some forum or website just for single use. You don't have to create a new one and give an email address, this will help you.
BugMeNot: Link / Bookmarklet
Get LogIn : Link / Bookmarklet

16. Mobile-Friendly Test:
Now, Google giving special credits to responsive and mobile-friendly websites. You can test if your website/blog is mobile friendly.
For Domain / For Web page / specific page
Are your browsers cluttered with too many extensions? Make it slim and fast. Even if your system is too powerful and you simply don't worry about system resource, still you can save this bookmarklet to use on mobile devices.

17. Bitmark:
URL shortening service Bit.ly do have an extension, but it also has a bookmarklet to make long and ugly URL to a short and simple.
Link / Bookmarklet

18. dotEPUB:
Convert any web page into an ePUB formatted ebook for reading on ebook reader devices or applications.
Link / [ Bookmarklet ]

19. Spell Checker for Firefox:
If activate Firefox browsers' native spell checker on any page you are viewing. You can try it on this page also.
Link / [ Bookmarklet ]

20. View cookies
View the cookies set by any website with one click. Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmark bar.

If you like more bookmarklets, you can browse a huge collection of similar useful bookmarklets at Jesse's Bookmarklets site
Do you have any other great bookmarklet? Please share here...
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