24 February, 2013

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Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme In 3 Easy Steps

Google Chrome is my main browser from last 2 months and its really awesome. I shifted from my loved Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome because of the worst and most difficult Sync feature of Firefox. That apart, Google has released a great Chrome App to customize your Chrome browser in very easy steps and you can change all the colors, background image and make it suit your own style.
create-google-crome-themeYou have to download My Chrome Theme app from Chrome web store and is an official Google App. Unlike other most of the Chrome apps, this works completely offline and it is not just a website shortcut.

Once you add the app to  your google chrome, you are ready to create your won flavor of custom theme.

  • First step is to import your background image. You can import either a saved image or you can also use a camera to capture new image. 
  • The image position can be adjusted to fill screen, tiles, fit to screen or custom and then you can apply few basic color effects to the image.
  • You can preview how the image will look like in preview mode.
  • Second step is to set your own custom colors to the current tab toolbar color, background tab color and then frame color.
  • If you do not want to select your color, Google will suggest and apply color automatically according to the image, just click on the link 'if you are feeling lucky'.
  • Then you can give a good name and if you want, you can share the theme on Google plus. I think, you must give it a try. Add My Chrome Theme to your Chrome now.

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