31 May, 2020

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Exhaustive List Of Most Useful Chrome Extensions

There are too many extensions to select from. It is very important to choose most useful extension from the Chrome store. Apart from the very obvious extensions, there are many underrated but useful chrome-extensions.  And you should not miss them.

Some extensions are so great, you will regret that you never used it before. Here is the list of great Chrome extension that every Pro user should use.

Exhaustive List Of Most Useful Chrome Extensions

From Google

Double-click on any word, popup will show you the definition / meaning.

If you enter your Google Account password into anywhere other than Google's sign-in page, you’ll receive an alert. Basically, this extension check if the page you are viewing is really a Google page or not. Read more about how Password Alert Extension By Google Will Prevent Phishing Attack.

If your username and password appear in a data breach known to Google, you’ll receive an alert. Please reset your password.

If the website URL is not what you expect to visit, Google will alert you.

Must Have Basic

Ad blocker that doesn't need introduction.

The Best spelling and grammar checker. Better than Grammarly.  Please read 5 Best Spelling and Grammar Checking Tools For Error Free Writing.

Every pocket user must have it. Saves a clean web page to your pocket account to read it later.

Save things to your Evernote account.

If you have switched to Notion, clipper for Notion is also available.


If you have opened banking website in regular mode of the Chrome you can automatically open that website in an incognito mode by pressing one button. You don't have to manually reopen the tab in new incognito windows. 

Search incognito is extension for searching Google without affecting search results depending upon your region and search history.

Do you know that website can identify and track you depending on your typing behaviors? Keyboard Privacy prevents tracking you depending upon your typing behavior?

Block people from tracking you when you open their email. It shows you how many trackers are included in the email.

Boost Page Loading

GIF is one of the most shared media type. But GIFs take ages to load and unlike videos GIFs are irritating to watch unless they are completely downloaded. GIF Delayer stops playing of the GIF animation until it is fully loaded so that you can enjoy the media completely.

Faster Chrome extensions preload the web page so you feel the faster web.

If you know the accelerated mobile pages from Google, the same accelerated mobile page browsing on desktop. Install this extension and browse the web pages very fast as if they are already downloaded

Manage Media

Volume master extension allow you independently manage the volume of the Chrome tabs. Either boost or reduce the volume of specific tab.

Find out which font used on the web page. 

Hack Web Features

This extension is not available on Chrome store, but you can download it from GitHub. Google Unlocked shows you the hidden search results that were censored by Google due to complaints. It scans the complaints and extract the links so that it can return the hidden search results.

Old Google image search if you like it. You can search by selected image.

While copying from random websites you may have observed that the websites adds their own text strings in the copied text. There is a way to prevent inserting unwanted text in your copied text. Don't F With Paste prevent the website from inserting unwanted links and text in your copied text.

Display all the previously copied items from your Chrome clipboard. You can paste the strings when you want. Can edit the text string or assign special tags for the long text string.

Some websites do not allow to copy the content and disable the right click context menu. Absolute Enable Right Click and Copy enables right context menu and allow copying protected text.

Some web pages ask you to submit your email or ask for subscription if you want to read the complete story. F*ck Overlays helps you to removes the sign-in or subscription block that prevent you from viewing the complete web page.

Hover your mouse on any image, Imagus will zoom it to its maximum size available. You don't need to open the image in new tab to view detail.

Time Tracking and Productivity

Time management extension. Stay focused is very easy and useful extension. It blocks specified unwanted websites, track the time you wasted on social media and present you the report depending upon the day, week or month.

Removes the formatting of the web page and make it text only page. So that it feels like you are browser some very old 1990s web page. It removes images, fonts  and other formatting.

Unlike other extension that you install for focusing on your productivity, motion takes a different approach. It does not completely block the websites like Facebook or Twitter but when it detects that you are using it more than average it tells how much time you are spending and at the end it completely blocks it.

Enhance Social Media Experience

Extension to remove recommended videos, annotations, in screen videos, user comments. It completely cleans up the video experience on YouTube.

YouTube exaggerated thumbnails those are not actual part of the video content. Most of the video thumbnails are just clickbaits. Clickbait Remover for YouTube is a must-have extension for every YouTube fan. It removes the unwanted and exaggerated video thumbnail and shows the image from the actual video so that you don't click on fake videos.

Remove sponsored video ads. Useful.

Social fixer for Facebook extension for filtering your Facebook news feed depending upon the context, author, link URL and other features. There are some predefined filters such as sponsored post, political posts, things your friends like and other settings. This will make your Facebook feed is very clean and free from unwanted spam posts. 

If you are annoyed by the hate a racist comments on various websites like YouTube, this extension completely disable all the comments from videos on YouTube and many other social media platforms.

Manage Chrome

If you try out too many chrome extensions, there is no way to save list of extensions so that you can make a collection for specific reason.
You need an extension to manage your collection of extension. You don't use all the extension all the time. It's better to disable some extension which do not use frequently. It's better to turn them off or disable without removing. You can easily enable again when required. The extension manager helps to manage all your installed extension and easily manage group of extensions.

If you have the lot of tabs open, it suspends the tabs that are not frequently used to free up some resources on your computer. Do you know Chrome has built in task manager that show you how much system resources are used by any particular Chrome extension or tab

Too many tabs open, one tab combined all the tabs in one group and save the session. You can restore all those tabs or group with one click.

Hide all the tabs at once. Single button click and hide all the open tabs. Restore them later when you want.

If you try to open a tab with similar URL that is already open in the browser window, this extension will focus the old tab instead of opening new.

Extension Checking Tools

Check any Chrome extension about privacy and security score powered by Cisco

You can download any extension for the reason you want.


EpubPress bundles all the open tabs / web pages into an offline book that you can download for reading on any device. Supports ePub and MOBI formats. Removes ads and banner and create a clean book. We have an Exhaustive List Of Useful Kindle Tools & Services you should read if you are using Kindle.

Dropdown menu for all Google services. You don't have to bookmark every Google service on your bookmarks bar. Just click on Black Menu For Google button to get a drop down menu for all the Google services.

You can copy Title and URL of the current tab to paste it in your social media or anywhere else. Also have option to copy either title or URL or both of single tab or all the tabs open in the browser window. It has many possible usage. You can manually save the session in your notepad without relying on the tab manager extension or easy sharing of web page on social media.

Have you used Google Lense? Project Naptha extension can copy text from any image.

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