29 May, 2020

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5 Best Spelling and Grammar Checking Tools For Error Free Writing

Digitization has completely eroded the writing on paper and so the grammar. Or I would say grammatically correct writing skills. Most of the people who use any writing software, just type anything without attention to the spelling and then hit the spell-check. 

Office suites like Microsoft Office, Open Office, Google Docs also provide grammar checking facilities making everyone lazy and downgrading the importance of vocabulary and grammatical skills. But do you think all this software' are really working correctly?
Best Grammar Checking Tools For Error Free Writing

As far as when it comes to Grammar, most of them do not. As far as MS Word is concerned, it is fine for spell checking but when it comes to grammar, it fails miserably.

If you are a writer, make your digital communication for professional use, you must consider using an additional grammar checker. 

 GrammarlyLanguage Tools Plus Ginger  Crio Lingux
 Free for basic use Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Premium price
 Chrome Extension  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Firefox Extension  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Windows Software
 Mac Support
 Android Keyboard
 iOS App
 Special Feature


Grammarly is the most famous grammar and spelling checker. Available as a browser extension and works in a browser. It has a PC software that can correct your grammar in Office suits like Microsoft Word and others. The web interface allows you to upload a pre-written file and check your mistakes or you can copy-paste the complete text for checking.
For most of the users, the free account is fine, but if you are into specialized writing skills, you may opt for a pro account which is a paid account.
Install the Grammarly browser extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.
You can install Grammarly as PC software on your Windows PC to check spelling and grammar on Office software like MS Word.

Language Tools Plus

Works similar to Grammarly. Finds all the spelling mistakes and correct most of the grammatical mistakes. The free and premium tiers are the same as Grammarly. You have to subscribe to the premium plan to get the advanced grammatical corrections. But still, most of the users will only need the free plan. If you are an author or your daily work needs high profile writing, you may consider opting for the premium plan.Language Tools Plus
Language Tools Plus is available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge
You can use a web-based interface to copy-paste pre-written text file and check grammar and spellings.
The language Tools-Plus is available as Google Docs add-on and Microsoft Word Add-on also. It works flawlessly as the browser tools.


Ginger is an excellent free software for check spelling and it is an expert in grammar. I just started using it and tested Ginger on the same document I already had checked the spelling and grammar using MS Word. I find around 6 very important mistakes. What is the most important thing Ginger do is check every word in context with the complete sentence. 

Ginger, once installed, remains silent in the notification bar and keeps monitoring the text editor, whether it is a browser-based or an installed software. As soon as it finds a text editor to focus, a small pop-up button comes at the top of the screen. If you want to start checking spelling and grammar, just hit the 'F2' button or you can click it.

Ginger is available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Ginger is also available as stand-alone Mac and Windows software. You can download the Android keyboard app also. 

Crio / Sapling Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant

Originally developed at Stanford University project, and now renamed as Sapling Grammar checker, claim to update itself as you write. Its artificial intelligence makes clever decisions depending upon your previous text. 
Sapling Grammar Checker

Crio is available as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge


Linguix is one more option you should try before you decide. Available on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser extension. As a web app and an iOS and Android Keyboard app. Linguix is free to use and paid premium features.

It updates itself as you use it more. The AI-based correction suggestion will give you personalized results.


Writer goes beyond standard grammar checkers. In addition to covering the basics — grammar, punctuation, and tone — Writer performs content checks.

Writer’s key differentiator is the ability to improve your writing for work — make sure you’re using the right tone, writing style, and terminology for your audience. Writer also checks your content for clarity, readability, conciseness, and bias.
  • Grammar and spelling checker plus compliance, plain language, plagiarism, and inclusive language check.
  • Configure content suggestions to your company’s brand voice
  • Define and consistently use terms and phrases that set you apart from the competition.
  • Consistently apply key messaging and ensure no one bungles your elevator pitch, value propositions, or mission statement again.
  • Customizable Writing Style: from how to write am/pm to whether you put spaces around em-dashes.
  • You can use Styleguide Portal to organize and share your brand guidelines in one place, for easy updating and sharing.
Writer is available as web app, Google Chrome extension and Google Docs and Microsoft Word addon.
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