02 March, 2012

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Grammar And Spell Checker That Also Works Online With Browser & MS Office

Digitization has completely eroded the writing or I would say grammatically correct writing skill. Most of the people who use any writing software, just type anything without even giving little attention towards the spelling and then just hit the spell check. Everyone thinks that's so simple. Office suites like Microsoft Office, Open Office, Google Docs also provide grammar checking facilities making everyone too lazy and downgrading the importance of vocabulary and grammatical skills. But do you think all these software's are really working correctly?

Good grammar is added advantage
As far as when it comes to Grammar, I find, most of them do not. As far as MS Word is concerned, its fine for spell checking but when it comes to grammar, it fails miserably. 

If you are a writer, make your digital communication for professional use, you must reconsider the use of above office suit.
Ginger is an excellent free software for checking spelling and it is an expert in grammar. I just started using it and tested Ginger on the same document I already had checked the spelling and grammar using MS Word. I find around 6 very important mistakes. What is the most important thing Ginger do is check every word in context with the complete sentence.

I give you a simple example...

Ginger Grammar Checker
Checked with MS Word and No error:

What you think? I would like to here from You. Please comment if you want to say anything....

Checked with Ginger and corrected:
What you think? I would like to hear from You. Please comment if you want to say anything....

Did you get the difference? The word 'here' was not at all a mistake when checked with Microsoft Word which was actually a big mistake making the complete sentence irrelevant. This mistake was found by Ginger.

This is just a simple basic example how Ginger work and can help you for better communication and improve the quality of  your document because good grammar is always a added advantage.

The great thing is that it works with your favorite browsers Firefox and Internet explorer and get installed as an extension. Also works with Microsoft Office suit.

Ginger, once installed, remain silent in the notification bar and keep monitoring the text editor, whether it is a browser based or an installed software. As soon as it finds a text editor to focus, a small pop-up button come at the top of screen. If you want to start checking spelling and grammar, just hit 'F2' button or you can click it.

If you select to check, a small screen comparing the current wrong sentence and a correct sentence will show up. If you find the suggestion correct, click on 'Approve' or else 'Skip'. That is very easy.

Download and install Ginger. It's Free. And start writing grammatically correct.
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