02 September, 2019

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How To Install UserScript In Chrome & Firefox Browsers

Whatever Google does to prevent downloading of YouTube videos, there are multiple ways to download. Many websites dedicated to download YouTube videos, the User Script is the best way to download YouTube videos on all popular browsers.

Browser-based UserScript or User Script is custom JavaScript that installs as an extension on web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. The installed java scripts add an extra feature to the browser just like the browser extension. You must install a Script Manager extension to run any user script.
How To Install UserScript In Chrome & Firefox Browsers

How to install a User Script on Browser

To install any user script, you first have to install the user script manager.
There are many popular user script managers but Tamper monkey, Greasemonkey is most popular.

Download and install the User Script manager as per your browser and choice. Both are almost similar in features and their functioning.

Once you are done with installing the user script manager, download the script.

Download User Scripts 

There are few user script repositories you can download from.

Greasy Fork is maintained by the Greasemonkey developers and is most popular to download the user script irrespective of the user script manager you have installed and the browser.

OpenUserJS is also one of the most popular websites to download user scripts.

There are multiple user scripts from different developers for similar functions and features just like the browser extensions. You can try to test to finalize the best user script to match your need.

Must-Have User Script For Your Browser

YouTube Links: YouTube Links UserScript allow you to download the YouTube video in all possible resolutions and video formats. You don't have to copy-paste the video URL in another third party website. It is native supports to download the YouTube video. You don't have to run the video. It shows the download links on suggested videos as well.
  • Once you have downloaded the userscript, refresh the YouTube page and you will find the download options floating above the video.
  • Right-click on the desired video resolution and video format and open it in a new tab.
  • Right-click on the video in a new tab and you will find the option to download the video.
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