04 September, 2018

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Open Source Alternatives For Google Play Store

Yes, Google Play Store is an official App Store for Android. After all, it is from Google. But that doesn't mean, there are no better options. Yes! Though not plenty, still there are great alternatives where you get many really cool apps you won't get on the Google Play Store.

The Reason everyone recommends Google Play Store is, the security. We must agree with the argument. Google always scan, manage and warn you about every potentially harmful app you install via Play Store. There is no such authority with other alternative app repositories. That doesn't mean you should not try them at all.

Why you need Google Play Store Alternative
Aurora Store

Why you should try alternative App store?

  • Google policy of not permitting apps that block ads. Some apps are device-specific and some have location restrictions.
  • Many small but great developer apps are buried deep in the Play store that you won't notice their presence.
  • For me, Why I should restrict me to everything Google? I know what I am installing. If you want to try, I have 2 amazing app store that is even better than Google play store in many areas.
I am not arguing you to completely replace the Google Play Store but suggesting a great alternative that you should try.


F Droid Open-Source and Privacy Focused App Store For Android
Focused on completely free and open-source apps and community-maintained repository for Android apps. Instead of only stating like 'in-app purchase', or 'contains ads', F-Droid reveals everything about how and what permissions the app will need and what unnecessary features the app will install.

F-Droid is quite famous and has a large range of apps in almost every category. Most of the apps you find on the Google Play store are also available on F-Droid.
What is Great about F-Droid?
  • There are many apps you won't find on the Google Play Store. 
  • Apps like Blokada which is the best ad blocking app for Android, sandbox app like Shelter and various YouTube downloaders are not available on play store.
  • Free from the Google Play Services backbone. Will save your battery.
  • No data collection at all.
Download F-Droid

Aurora Store

Aurora App Store. Google Play Store without Play Services
Aurora is derived from another open-source project YalpStore. Aurora does not host any app but a better front end for Google Play Store. As the developer says, you can use the Google Play Store without Google Play Services.
If you are unaware of Google Play services, it is a data hog keep collecting every information about you and that eats most of your device battery.

As I told you, many great apps from small developers get unnoticed unless Google thinks about it as a Good app and show you in the search result or recommend you.
Aurora Store will help you to discover surprisingly cool apps that you will never find with Google Play Store.
  • Many users find the Aurora Store interface very elegant and fresher than the Google Play Store.
  • Similar to Play Protect from Google, Aurora has Aurora Protect feature that claims to scan all the apps you download via Aurora Store.
  • Aurora store tells you about the number of trackers and device permissions the particular app will ask for once you install it.
  • Developed by senior XDA developer WhyOrean, you can get the latest updates about the development from this XDA forum thread
  • Download the Aurora Store from here.
  • Learn more about the Aurora Open-Source project.


Aptoide is one more popular app store though not open source. Aptoide is worth trying. Aptoide gives you Coinbase credits when you install your favorite apps using Aptoide app store which you can use for purchasing the paid apps available on Aptoide. The interface is clean and smooth. You can download the Aptoide here.

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