21 May, 2020

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Run Launcher For Window 10 : Addition to PowerToys

Windows 10 start menu search feature is weird. Everyone knows it. Instead of fixing the search itself, Microsoft released a PowerToys Run.
PowerToys Run is a global launcher you can launch with any hotkey you set. Alt + Space is default key.
And, the search is amazingly accurate. It does not integrate web results from Bing. Super fast and works flawlessly
PowerToys Run For Windows 10 GIF search results
You may compare it with Alfred launcher on macOS

The Power Run keyboard shortcut can be changed to anything from the PowerToys settings.
The number of result after search can also be changed.

If you have yet downloaded the latest version of PowerToys, get it here.
The Keyboard manager and Power Run are part of the latest version of  PowerToys 0.18.0 and if you are using older version, update it.
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