28 September, 2011

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NOKIA C2-03 Review : A Never Buy

It's around 15 days today when I bought a new Nokia C2-03 after watching the add and some reviews.

I went through the specifications given on the official website. so after 15 days, I find that this is the worst phone I ever had. The reasons are here.

Nokia C2-03

1. The Screen:

Though the screen is 240 x320 resolution. It's worst in class. You can find the difference if you use Opera mini. Most of the time the text get overlapped.

2. The Touch:

One of the most irritating things about this phone. even china phones are better than this third class phone. and you can experience it if you try to scroll any item.

If you try to scroll it down it will do exactly opposite and vice-versa. some time I feel to break it out. This happens again and again.

3. User Interface:

Icons are like old 1990 phones. No good looks.
The worst touch quality adds more problems to the phone interface.
The message always displays the total number of messages in the inbox instead of Unread messages.
There is no option for instant delete of messages.
No option for message filter.
No option for Call filter.
If you want to save a phone number from the call log, you cant edit it before you save.
If you have a contact with 2 or more phone numbers and you call that, and if you want to call the second number of it, you again have to go to the phone book. No option go to the specific contact from the call log.

4. The Media player.

You cant play any video file large than 5 MB smoothly. it will give you a pause after every few seconds. You cant play .amr file smoothly. it also has the same problem.

5. The inbuilt applications:

Nokia Maps: its worst, you cant use it because of the memory low error.
OVI browser: it's better not to say anything about it. It always gives connection error while the Opera mini works great on the same connection.
Nokia life tools: Its paid. who wthe ill use it if you have a net connection?
Communities: same case. worst interface, nonresponsive, worst interface, connection error, low memory error problems.
email: it also always show error in connection problem.

6. Camera:

Its just OK but have more Blue shade in the photos.

7. Dual SIM manager:

You must have to take the sim out if you want to turn it off. you can't switch off the one sim by keeping it inside. either you have to keep active both or turn off both.

8. Bundled earphones are cheap.


It has only 10 MB of memory. so what? read now. That is not a user memory free for use. The same 10 MB memory is used for saving contacts, SMS, internal applications if you install and all those things. after use of few days you have to format it, again and again, get few KB of memory for gettia ng new SMS of saving a new contact or even to start Meda ia player or to take a photo. It will ask you 100 's of time to please free some memory to do anything. and then you can't find anything to delete from phone internal memory.


If you want to save entire phone book to a memory card or send it to other phone via Bluetooth to backup, there is no such option. I don't know what Nokia think.

You cant import the VCF file from memory card if you have it. you cant backup you phone book in VCF format. you have to use the third class backup utility which will again ask for low memory error.

11. The PC suite or OVI suit:

Same case with this software. You cant import your contacts from PC in any format. There is no such option to import CSV file of VCF contact file. you have to go the Nokia way.
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  1. There is a software update available and most of the issues are resolved now.

    1. no problem solved after update

  2. "Anonymous said...

    Pura Bakwas hai"

    tumhara dimaag kharab hai.
    READ the above carefully. if you want to challenge/disprove any point, do so, else, GTFO, troll.

  3. I already updated the firmware but it doesnt solve the memory issue.

  4. All the points is true.I faced all the problems which is pointed.
    one more things i want to tell that when u r applying the themes from memory card. It takes memory from the device its okey but when i remove that theme it does not free any memory from the device.
    Totally bad memory management.

  5. I agree with you 100%
    Nokia C2-03 really sucks......
    The worst ever phone from Nokia
    PLZ DONT BUY THIS PHONE ,even china phones are better than this mobile

  6. @ Pavan you are right. all those themes you just try are saved in phone memory and doesnt free memory even after format the phone. please read this. http://icomeacross.blogspot.com/2011/10/how-to-solve-memory-low-error-problem.html

    the memory problem is solved.

  7. http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/t5/Cseries/PROBLEM-OF-NOKIA-C2-03/td-p/1181343

  8. yes i am agree morethan 200% dont buy this mobile nokia c2-03 - nokia lost is trust

  9. d phone sucks to d core

  10. it will not show a msg delivery report as a alert. if u want to know u have to open that sent msg and check the delivery details.
    it shows the "waiting" on main screen wen the app communtities gets corrupted. and there is no option for internet manual settings.

  11. i updated a resent software version 7.29 it also having same problems. nothing is changed except increased speed (little bit only)

  12. a bad phone ever from nokia!!!!!i agree with u all..

  13. i regret in buying this phone...and no one wanted it to be swap to their phone, and even i make the price more lower, no one wanted to buy it from me,too regretful!!!

  14. C203 is not play youtube videos plz help me. What i do?

  15. yakkssssssss phone ever.........
    dont ever bye !!!!!


  16. Now I'm facing these same issues i thought it's a good phone and bought it but now i'm totally troubled with this damn crap. only thing i can do now is throw this phone out of a window and start using any other Samsung mobile.

  17. I agree with most of the observations, wish I read this before buying. But then when my last few phone were really basic I tend to like the phone even with all the loads to short comings.

  18. dont evr a buy tis worse phon.

  19. I m agree with u all.it is the worst

  20. I m agree with u all.it is the worst

  21. this silly mobile it dosen't run simply apps i hate this mobile

  22. first thought of it as 'nice dual sim' now i regret waste of money.. nway my ovisuite downloaded a v.7.53 software but i always get network connection error any one with solution please??

  23. C2-03 shud be used as Paper weight!
    Ghatya phone Dabba Icons, of exit one application have start from the beginning, my thumb hurts with its slow touch system, memory full the all time.
    or gift it to you enemy :)

  24. really bohat bakwas phone he meri advice he ke is ki shakal par mat jana andar se ye khokhla he , totaly bakwas

  25. U r rite guys. This really is the worst phone. I', still using it. Bought it for 4800 8 months ago. Twice I had to change the touch in this phone in the past 8 months. I hate the touch.

  26. 100% true. Nokia C2-03 is bad. I've updated it's software to v7.63 but there is no calculator! It can not play songs one by one from any folder of the memory card.

    Don't buy this phone.....

  27. I guess most of you Sammy Fan Boys By the way It's a cheap phone you should buy something expensive so you will not get dissappointed.

  28. You should buy that suits to your needs not the value of your money.

  29. It (c2-03) was giving low memory please delete some data . So i restored it to factory setting and it switched off and did'nt restart when i restarted it it automatically switched after startup tone . Can you help me with this ?

  30. It (c2-03) was giving low memory please delete some data . So i restored it to factory setting and it switched off and did'nt restart when i restarted it it automatically switched after startup tone . Can you help me with this ?

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