01 November, 2012

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Access Remote Computer WIth Chrome Remote Desktop

Google has released a final version of Google Chrome Remote Desktop Assistant, that will help you to access and manage your computer from anywhere over the internet that also means anyone can access your computer from anywhere within a browser without installing the software like Ammy and TeamViewer or online services like LogMeIn and Splashtop. You can do all that in Google Chrome.

The remote desktop assistant will install as a Chrome Web app and once installed, you have to grant access to your desktop environment, your emails, chat messages. You may think why the remote assistant needs access to emails and chat messages. It's because you cannot install the application in Chrome without signing in to your Google account and the GMail address is associated with the remote desktop application and there you can use the Gmail chat to communicate person at the side of another remote computer.


The Google Chrome has a special feature of Voice feed and real-time copy and pastes files between remote and local computer.

To start using and sharing the screen, the Chrome extension has to be installed on both side computers.

  • Grant permission to access required services and you will get the 12 digits unique code that has to be entered by the remote computer to want to get access to your computer.
  • After this, you can access the remote computer completely. You don't worry about updating the application as it will get updated automatically with an update to Chrome.

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  1. I've gone the Chrome route, as described above, and that was the simplest way I found to access remote desktop in a Web browser. But I wasn't crazy about how insecure that option is. Now I use RHUB's remote support servers for remote access b/c it works from behind my firewall.