31 October, 2011

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Force Sites To Use HTTPS in Firefox For Better Security

Protecting online privacy is something that even the most native click-happy web surfer knows is important which is why you should be doing everything you can to protect yourself including viewing web pages over an HTTPS connection whenever you can.
https everywhere for firefox

HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox extension that ensures you always view pages over a secure channel by forcing web pages to open in HTTPS. The extension is especially useful if you often neglect to check how information is being exchanged over a particular site and surf over the HTTP connection (the default for many sites). It happens often enough that while viewing a page over an HTTPS connection, you find a link to the same site that will be on HTTP. This extension ensures that all links a user clicks on will open over HTTPS. The extension incorporates a search feature in its options to check which sites are supported and which aren’t.
Download HTTPS Everywhere Extension For Firefox

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