20 April, 2012

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Hide / Show Files and File Extensions With One Click

Some of the most useful options of all Windows OS versions are really buried deep in the options tree and the most important two options that we really miss are 'show / hide the files and folders' and 'showing and hiding the file extensions'.
Toggle hide
Both the options 'show / hide files and folders' and 'show extensions for known file types is too much away from user reach and we have to go to Tools - Folder Options - View and then search in many other options. 

Many times this happens that you want to know the extension of some audio or video file to know the format ( Tool to get detailed technical info of any media file ) and windows does now always show the file type. Here the extension of that file can tell you the real media format. 
Also if you want to read your hidden file you have to enable the option to 'show hidden files' and after you finish your work you again have to disable the option.
To avoid all this "HiFiTo" comes to help. Hifito is a small utility for Windows, that allows to quickly toggle the "Show hidden files" and "Hide extensions for known file types" options.'HiFiTo' is very small [38 KB], fast and easy to use. The best part is we can assign any hot-key for toggling functions.

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  1. The same tool, but also with the file extension search function directly from windows explorer. http://www.file-extensions.org/file-extensions.org-search