26 April, 2012

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Bing Desktop Application Download For Great Wallpapers

Microsoft has released 'Bing' desktop application for Windows. This desktop application allows you to use the spectacular 'Bing' wallpapers as your desktop wallpaper and it changes and rotates automatically. Also you can use the 'Bing' bar to search the web directly from your desktop without launching the web browser.

New Bing Desktop application also display previous and next wallpapers and you can easily navigate thorough all the wallpapers. It also have a 'Top Content' tab which display the current news and events.

If you are a regular Bing user, it's a treat but if you are happy with Google, its somewhat bitter test but still then you can use it for great wallpapers.


Currently Bing Desktop application is available for download in selected countries only and if you are one where it is not available, don't worry. Still then you can download it very easily.

  •  Just go to the settings / preferences icon at the top right corner and click.
  • Scroll down to the category 'Location' and click on 'Change your country / Location'. Select your country as United States. Now save it and again go to the above download link. 
  • You can now download the application easily. 
  • If still it is not working, download it from here
The instant search is enable by default on the bar. You can change the location on the desktop. 
You can easily change the location of the Bing bar on your desktop. 
The appearance can be changed by using different themes.  'Windows key + Y' is set as a hot key to start searching on Bing. You can enable or disable the settings easily.

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