15 March, 2012

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Get Detail EXIF Information Of Images

Every image you shoot stores information about everything like the resolution, date, time, camera model used, software used to capture the image, GPS location, flash used or not, exposure time and much more. The normal windows photo viewer shows only the basic information about images and do not help if you want in-detail analysis of any image.
Also when you want to share your images on the internet, you should check the EXIF data stored with that image making sure that you are not sharing any personal and sensitive information. You can easily delete all the EXIF data with one click.
'Exif Reader' a tiny software that exactly does what you exactly expect. 'EXIF Reader' do not require installation and run standalone. 

EXIF Reader
Just open the software and select the image you want to read EXIF data. All the related stored information will be available in the right pane of the software. Its information is also arranged in different categories like main information, software information, sub information, GPS information and other. 
You can easily copy the data into text, csv or HTML format for other use. The arrow given will help to navigate from images to another without opening the folder every time.

EXIF Reader options
On the left side, thumbnail of the image will be displayed. You can have the option to save the thumbnail as a separate image. The other button near save button will display the full image in right pane instead of EXIF data making you use this tool as an image viewer. You can zoom in or out with the slider given. 

It's a simple yet useful tool you should use for maintaining your privacy before sharing your images.

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