03 October, 2012

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Simplest File & Folder Hider With Password Protection

Most of the Windows users want a simple but powerful file and folder hiding software that can also have a password protection to view and open without any disc encryption and other advanced system configuration.
Wise Folder Hider is a simple and easy to use utility that exactly does what it is made for. Just select the file or folder you want to hide and password protect, and you are done.

You can easily hide the files, folders and USB drives and set a password to view it. The hidden file is not viewable with any operating system and it is not opened without the password. The good thing is that you can either set a master password for all hidden files or set one master password and a secondary file specific password for each file and folder.

Steps and Features of 'Wise Folder Hider'

'Wise Folder Hider' is a small and easy to use and does not require installation so that you can run it from a USB drive as a portable application.
  • Download and extract the software.
  • Run the executable file and you will be asked to set the Master Password. Enter good strong password. This is a system wide password for all the files, folders and USB drives you want to hide and password protect.
  • Once you set the master password, you can add files, folders or even a complete USB drive to hide and set a password to view it.
  • You can set a file specific password, a second layer of security protection
  • To view files protected with secondary password, you have to enter master as well as the secondary password.
  • Where ever your files are hidden, like office computer or a home computer, just carry 'Wise Folder Hider' in to your USB drive and you can easily view your hidden files. Even if you have installed the software you can set master and file specific passwords.
  •  You can easily change the file specific as well as master password
Did you liked the little software? Its really handy and lite to use. Just download and give it a try, after all its free. If you really liked the application, share it with your friends or leave a comment.
Download Wise Folder Hider
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