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12 Best Bootable USB Creation Tools / Software

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Bootable USB drive creation tools to install new operating system from USB. Prepare the ped drive for single operating system or multiple OS on single usb. You can also save user files along side of the bootable partition. USB is all way better than traditional bootable CD.
The USB drive is
Easy to create, erase and reuse.
Can install multiple OS on same USB at a time.
Faster booting and installation speed.
Portable and easy to handle.
Using the bootable USB for testing Live Linux OS, you can install temporary software.
Preparing the Bootable usb drive is easy and straightforward and any of these 12 software can make your device ready within 5 minuets and 2 clicks.12-best-bootable-usb-creation-software
Most of the Linux operating systems can be easily tested by creating a ‘Live’ disk which gives you a complete experience of the full operating system without installing anything on your hard disk.
Windows 7, 8.1 and now Windows 10 technical preview can be easily installed from bootable usb.

1. Rufus

Rufus is a simple and easy to use. It automatically detects your usb drive and capacity so you can easily identify which device you are formatting.
  • Select the target drive and select file system (For Windows keep it NTFS).
  • You can give appropriate name to the resulting bootable drive.
  • Locate the ISO image of your targeted operating system.
ISO image on your hard disk must be a valid bootable image because Rufus scan the image before you load it.
If you get any error, just uncheck ‘Create bootable disk’ option.
Rufus can be used to create bootable USB pendrive for All Windows versions and all Linux distros.
+ fast, easy, run without installation.
- Nothing
Download Rufus

2. WinToBootic

  • Again a basic tool with minimum option. Just drag and drop your .ISO image or click on ‘drop ISO here’ icon.
  • It will auto detect your USB media. 
  • Hit the ‘Do It’ button, WinToBootic will do the everything rest.
+ minimal interface, run without installation.
- Does not support Linux
Download WinToBootic

3. RMPrepUSB

It's all in one tool. Features come with cluttered interface. If you don't know what are you doing, don't use it. I personally do not recommend it if you want a simple bootable USB to install new operating system.
RMPrepUBS is specialized in creating multiple partition in a single USB drive. You can install multiple ISO of different OS or save user files along side of the bootable USB.
The special feature of RMPrepUSB is you can create a partition in USB drive just like you do on your hard disk making it more useful for saving files plus using the same drive as a separate folder for storing files.
This keeps your files separate from the operating system files.

  • For advanced users.
  • Difficult to use
  • Create ISO from usb drive.
  • Edit the hard drive grub or syslinux boot loader.
  • Test speed of the usb drive.
  • Support all OS.

Download RMPrepUSB

4. Universal USB Installer

Specialized tool for creating bootable live Linux OS. It has predefined list of most of the Linux distributions available. Give path of ISO image and USB flash drive you want to boot from. Prepare a Live antivirus rescue disk using it. A special option for this is also given for reuse CD.
+ Specialized menu for Linux, also support Window 7
Download Universal USB Installer

Yumi, short for Your Universal Multiboot Installer. YUMI allow you to prepare the bootable USB drive multiple operating system in one USB drive without formatting it.YUMI-bootable-usb-creation
YOu can download the ISO of your favorite OS. YUMI have large collection of free OS based on Linux and other free OS projects. Just select what you want and YUMI will give you the direct download link for it.
The inrface is quite easy to use and useful.
Download YUMI

6. UNetbootin

  • This tool is an exact clone of Universal USB installer or you can also say Universal USB installer is a clone of UNetbootin.
  • Create a bootable USB for any Linux distribution.
  • If you are not using Windows as your host operating system, then UNetbootin is an option to go for. UNetbootin is available for Linux, iOS and Windows.
  • So if you are using Linux, most of the software's listed here will not run where UNetbootin will come to help.
  • Download UNetbootin

7. Linux Live USB Creator (LiLi)
LiLi is one more software used to make bootable usb. The special feature called built-in Vitalization allow users to run the installed Linux operating system without restarting the Windows which are an exclusive feature of LiLi.
If you are concerned only about Linux you must go for this.
Download LiLi Creator

8. WinSetUp From USB
This is also a tool for those who want to install multiple operating system on one USB device.
WinSetup From USB let you install Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 10, any Linux distribution.

When you prepare the USB drive using ‘WinSetup From USB’ you will be presented with the list of operating systems installed on the thumb drive and select the preferred operating system to boot from.
Though the interface is simple, non expert users may find it difficult to use.
Download WinSetUp From USB

9. WinUSB Maker
This is more that just a bootable USB creation tool, though you can use it for that also. This is a special tool that will allow you to clone hard disk partition on your portable memory device like USB thumb drive or portable hard disk.winUSB-maker
WinUSB maker copies exact partition of your local hard disk along with the boot files and file structure. You can also restore the saved partition from the USB device to your hard disk making it useful as a backup tool. This is a must have tool for everyone. We have already discussed about this earlier here.
Download WinUSB Maker

10. XBoot
This is more than just a bootable USB maker. You can create a rescue CD or a disk having multiple operating systems or tools like antivirus rescue CD. It combines multiple tools in ISO image making it more useful than just a USB creating tool. XBoot can create ISO image from files and then write these files to USB drive for booting or installation.
Download XBoot here

11. Windows Bootable Image Creator

This is a straight forward and ultra small tool that accomplishes its job as you expect. It has a super simple interface and minimum buttons to avoid confusion of new users. This is a tool from AskVG.
There are only basic buttons and only one task to do. Just create a bootable USB drive to install or try new operating systems. I wonder how it is so small and light. It is just 160KB in size.
Download Windows Bootable Image Creator

12. Other Tools

There are other tools like Novicorp WinToFlash, Passcape ISO Burner, Windows official USB disc creation tool, Ubuntu startup disc creator and Flash Boot.
  • Novicorp WinToFlash is also a tool that will help you to recover deleted boot loader apart from creating a bootable flash drive.
  • Passcape ISO burner is also a simple and small utility to create bootable USB drive.
  • Windows official USB creation tool is an official tool to create a bootable USB drive to install downloaded Windows 7 and Windows 8 ISO images without burning it to traditional discs.
  • The Ubuntu startup disc is also a tool for Linux fan boys.
  • FlashBoot is a bit tool having around 24 MB is download size. It has more options than any other tool, but is actually a paid tool, but anyone can use it for free. 
  • If you want to try out Google Chromium Operating system, you have to use a recommended open source tool Image Writer for Windows. It is also a small but useful too without any garbage features. A simple and straight tool.

If you want an all in one, plain and simple tool to boot your Windows or Linux from USB pen drive, go for 'Rufus'.
  • If you want a Linux Specialist, 'LiLi' is a good choice.
  • 'WinSetup From USB' is for installing multiple OS in one USB drive and 'RMPrep USB' is for making partition in USB drive along with Windows.
  • If you want to clone a complete partition with OS 'WinUSB Maker' is the best choice.
What you think? I would like to hear from You. Please comment if you want to say anything....

You can find the translated Russian version of the same post at: 12 лучших инструментов для создания загрузочных USB / Программное обеспечение для установки Windows 10
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  1. Have a look at Sardu. With it, you can create a multi bootable USB drive that has Linux and Windows.

  2. I will not take advice from articles that don't clearly publish the date of the article written, The info is usually old and useless.

    1. Hi, thanks for the reply. You are correct. I should display the date of article. But dont want to hide the date of publication. The blogger date has a problem with SEO which create multiple and duplicate description tag. that is the reason to disable the date. But still the I will try to find a different way.

    2. I'm trying to install KolibriOS, the world's lightest and fastest OS. But I don't understand the technical stuff on their forum. I'd appreciate if you could make an article with a runthrough of what needs to be done for USB booting.

    3. Hi, I will try to help you for sure. I have downloaded the OS and trying to install it using various USB booting software listed above. as soon as I succeed i will let you know.

    4. Well? Any progress on KolibriOS?

    5. Hi. I tried to install all the tools listed above. But the problem is that, as per the forums of the developer of KolibriOS, It is not a Linux OS at all and a completely different built so the all these tools will be of no any use. But as per the same forum the procedure is too simple.
      You just have to extract the downloaded archive and copy and paste all the files to a formatted usb drive. This will surely make your drive boot to KolibriOS.

    6. Copied the operating system onto a formatted pendrive, didn't work.
      Set Master Boot Record on a formatted pendrive and tried again, didn't work.
      Downloaded the ISO version of the OS called "svn2978-iso". Used YUMI, selected the ISO file and it booted in 3 seconds.

      Thanks for helping.

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  4. Used Rufus to create bootable Xp USB and it worked like charm!!!
    Thanks for nice article

    1. You are welcome. Rufus is really a great software that can be used by anyone, newbie as well as advanced user to create a bootable usb drive.

  5. Hi.
    There are also multiboot programs that allows you to have several bootable isos at once and choose which one to boot from.
    * Yumi, very good.
    * Xboot, I think Yumi works better but this one allows you to emulate the booting process from Windows.

    Anyway, sometimes other tools work better.

    1. Yes, Yumi is really a good tool. I will surely include it. Thanks for the information. Will try the Xboot also.

  6. Windows 7 SBB Tool, Passcape ISO Burner and Novicorp WinToFlash are another great tools. Well thanks Pravin for listing all the useful tools. I have used Rufus among all these. It is working beautifully for me.

  7. You may add SUSE Studio ImageWriter to the list.

    You can find the download link here: http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Live_USB_stick

    1. Hi, the tool is more of Linux world, so not yet used it, but will surely try it. Thanks for the information.

  8. Hello and thanks for this article. I would like to know if Rufus is good for installing a bootable usb window xp intall. I used Rufus and it formatted my 8 GB usb then copied the XP iso into it. The whole operation went very well. But when booting using my prepared usb I got a hal.dll error message. Please help. Thank you.

    1. i had the same exact problem . i tried many usb bootable sfotwares
      and none work then i thought probably my system is too modern for this or i downloaded pirated copy from torrent but when i tried winto flash
      it finally worked
      sorry if the reply is too late

    2. i had the same problem
      i tried wintoflash and it worked
      Dont confuse it with wintobootic that is listed above

    3. I must tell you that old OS like Windows XP do not support booting from USB drive. Please try other Windows OS or Linux.

  9. everithing is good, i think...

  10. Maybe I prefer Rufus. however, wintobotic is good although it can't run in linux. but, with wine, you can do it

  11. hey guyz which one iz da best for win8?? i need that one plz..

  12. hhey guyz which one iz da best for win8.. i need that one..

    1. If you want a straight forward way, use Rufus. Its the best.

  13. What about LinuxLive USB Creator?

    1. Hi Benn, that is already included in the post. It is also called as LiLi. Short for Live Linux USB.

  14. Hi, Thanks for the reviews

    I have a windows PC with a virus. I was thinking I would make a bootable USB with antivirus software, boot and then clean the hard drive.

    Which of this USB utilities do you think would work best? Or do you have another suggestion.

    Thanks a lot

  15. Thanks a lot man.. Top 1 worked. Installed my windows.


    1. Hi, I think Ultra ISO is a paid software and we have included only the completely Free applications and not the trial versions. That is why, Ultra ISO is not in the list.

  17. So useful! Keep works to reduce complexity! Thank you from Indonesia.

  18. Nice post! ISO2Disc is my favorite USB creating tool.

  19. Tried a few of them but YUMI did the job ! :)

  20. IHi I am looking for easy way to remove additional(unused and corrupt) operating system from my pc..everytime i boot my system i get 4 option to choose my operating system..all windows xp.. I am currently booting from drive E...also my D drive got 2 windows files and c drive 1 file .. all these are basically error and non usable...kindly advise how to remove it without affecting the system..thanks---Jay

  21. Hi, my pc has got more than 1 operating system(windows xp) due error...i want to get rid of inactive operating system,,advise me the easy way...i currently boot from drive E. which is ok.. i want to delete corrupt windows file from drive C(1 windows) and D(2 windows)...I dont want my pc to get hanged again..kindly advise me the safest way..thanks..

    1. Hi Jay, better way is to delete and format those partitions C and D while you are installing the OS. You get that option when you install new OS.

      But if you already have installed it and you format the partitions now, you may get the boot partition not found error.
      I suggest you to install it once more and clean with deleting and formating the C and D drive.

  22. For a multiboot USB drive checkout Easy2Boot on the RMPrepUSB website.

  23. flash to win doesnt work in laptop

  24. Thank you, this post was very useful as a reference.

  25. It's a good article, but the reason I refused to "like" this site on Facebook (when the annoying pop-up asked it of me), and also the reason I may never use this site again, is because of little opportunistic tricks you play on your readers using links like the one you used for RUFUS in this article. There's a reason why things like...


    ...are blocked by the HOSTS file managers (hpHosts, MVPSHosts, Peter Lowe's AdServers, etc.) and many anti-adware/anti-malware browser extensions and utilities.

    Shame on you for using it; it makes you and this site untrustworthy. If you cannot understand that, and why, then that, too, is part of the problem.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

    Veritas nihil veretur nisi abscondi.
    Veritas nimium altercando amittitur.

  26. Thank you for this your sharing,good....

  27. i think,,,yumi is best & simplest.

  28. Thank you for all the great information.

  29. My results in Feb 2017:

    WinSetupFromUSB 1.7 - Very nice, made a multi-bootable usb with 2 linux iso's and Acronis True Image iso.

    Xboot 1.0 beta 14 - useless, had error about "MANU" (should be MENU) in boot loader config. Rookie BS Fail! Also copied my linux isos to the usb twice wasting space and possibly overfilling it. This program is trash.

    Yumi - did not like the limited pre-determined iso style of it. Did not even bother to test it further.

    1. Try www.easy2boot.com - for most ISOs, just copy the ISO files to the USB stick and boot.

  30. dude which of them support hybrid iso file?

  31. i created a boot usb with wifi slax on it i can get my older pc to load it but my new laptop i cant what am i doing wrong i did the ubootin i done the f10 thing can you help me

    1. I think, your New bios do not support the external USB or your Bios is locked to the Windows os. You can search for the term UEFI bios. You can surely turn off the feature if you want but the latest operating systems like Windows 10 need it for fast boot feature.

  32. Is there any way to create a live android OS with persistent storage? The only one that creates persistent storage is Universal USB Installer, but that's only for Linux and i already have Linux Mint.

    1. The live OS features are depend upon the OS itself. Not the burning application you are using. So if the Android OS allow you to use the persistent storage while using live disk. you can do it with any app.

  33. Hi, is there any way to create persistent storage for my live iso Android OS?

  34. how to pendrive to pendrive bootable any software

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