20 June, 2012

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How to Change Gmail Background

Few days back Google rolled out custom themes for Gmail which was a great way to personalize your Gmail to your taste. The previous version had only two options to choose from either a 'dark' or a 'light' theme but now Google has added a new feature to give your your personal touch to the Gmail background. Now you can add any image to the background of your Gmail account.
gmail custom theme
You can either add a featured photos suggested by Google or you can also choose from a personal Picassa album or there is also an option to select image from your Android mobile. If you do not have your image saved anywhere, you can directly add URL of any image to get that image as background theme of your Gmail account. 

If that's not sufficient, you can also add any image from your local hard disk. You can also give a more personal touch to that uploaded image by choosing from the dark and light option. 

change background image in Gmail inbox

To add your custom image background to your Gmail Inbox, go to Settings >> select Themes >> scroll to Custom themes and Click on 'Change your background image' link.

custom background in gmail
 You can either select an image from already featured images or you can find other options like Picasa web album or any online image URL or photos from your mobile or upload any images saved to hard disk. 

upload local image to gmail theme

Problem:: When you upload an image from local disk, there is no any option to crop the image or the preview functionality. It's really very hard to adjust the uploaded image to get the best view of it in Inbox background. So finally I give up and used the featured image instead of my own.

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  1. very interesting trick about gmail :)

  2. thanks TopTrix for the how to change theme...

    1. You are always welcome. We will keep trying to provide the best and most useful tricks.

  3. I have a number of wallpapers (1024 x 768) that I downloaded for my computer desktop. I tried uploading those and selecting them, but they show up way too big as if someone hit the 'zoom' button or something ! I tried changing things by downloading the wallpapers again to my computer at a different resolution setting and then uploading those to Gmail, but they show up exactly the same ('zoomed'). I've found nowhere yet in my searches where there is discussion/tutorial about how to make Gmail 'fit' the picture better. Any help appreciated. :-)

    1. We have already said that, there is no any way to crop or re-size your images to fit it to the background nicely. You can do one thing. Download the images from standard GMail background. Find the exact size of the image what Google use for Gmail background and then crop your image in same size of it and then upload it.

      I thing it should work.

    2. url":"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-GGrrZ370xZw/Tuu7V0lQjdI/AAAAAAADCZM/ql146q2EfYQ/s0/Bobby%2BMcGee.jpg","size":{"width":2048,"height":1365}}'

      Look at this. The size of Gmail background image looks to be 2048x1365.

      resize your images to this size and they should fit exactly. Good luck. Let me know if it works.

    3. Thanks for your input !

      Unfortunately, everything I tried did not work. I tried using Irfanview to resize wallpaper photos but, after saving them & uploading them to Gmail, they still appeared cropped. I experimented with different resolutions and tried "resizing and resampling" in Irfanview as well, but nothing worked. I even changed the resolution on my monitor to see if that would allow more of the pic to appear. It didn't. :-(

      It appears your initial observation is correct — or at least it is in my case — that Gmail simply does its own cropping to a particular size.

      FWIW, I did manage to find a few wallpapers I have that still look pretty good in Gmail's cropped version, so I can live with that for the time being.

      Thanks again for your help ! :-)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hello everyone, got problem with my custom background images. I really want to get rid of the photos from the "My Photos" tab. the question is how can i delete those photos? I really need help please.

    1. Where is 'My Photos' tab? I think your tab is from Google Plus photos. You can change the sharing between Google plus photos and posts to Gmail.

  5. "The size of Gmail background image looks to be 2048x1365. resize your images to this size and they should fit exactly." Yes, that did it! Thank you for that great info. I love being able to customize my email but was tearing my hair out trying to get the right size. :)