26 January, 2012

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Must Have Software For Windows Laptop

Unlike traditional desktop, laptop needs some special tools for optimizing the touch-pad, keyboard and battery performance. After going through our list of Must have software for Windows 10, you also need these tools for easy going with the laptops.
All these software are for laptop running Windows OS.


Touch pad is the first annoyance when you are typing on laptop. Accidental touch to touch pad moves cursor to random place you don't want. It may also close a working window.
TouchFreeze disables the touch pad automatically when you are typing any text. Simple but really useful. Download TouchFreeze

Auto Sensitivity
One more tool for TouchPad. It allows you to set the sensitivity or speed of TouchPad as per your need. Automatically detects the touch pad or usb mouse connection.
programs for netbooks
AutoSensitivity requires .NET Framework 3.5 or 4.0. Download AutoSensitivity

Enables gesture scrolling to some touch pads.

Supported gestures:
  • Two finger scrolling - scroll vertically by sliding two fingers anywhere on the TouchPad. 
  • Two finger tapping - tap with two fingers to simulate a selected mouse button.
 programs for netbooks
Whether or not these features will work for you depends on your touchpad. Download Two Finger Scroll

Laptop keyboards are not as spacious as full featured keyboards. The space available force the laptop keyboards to cut some useful features and remove ergonomic space between keys.
SharpKeys software allow you to remap key functions. You can disable some keys or change function of keys.
I have remapped front slash button to enter.
If you want to put some of your unused keys to good use, SharpKeys will do that. It allows you to set your keys by tweaking the registry. You can also disable some keys.
programs for netbooks

Download SharpKeys

Aerofoil automatically optimize power consumption, once you disconnect from A/C power. It disables power consuming Windows features like Aero Glass, muting the sound, or switching to a different Windows power plan. Aerofoil claims that it can extend your battery life by up to 25%. Download Aerofoil


Pray is a great tool to find your stolen laptop. It is an insurance for your laptop. Get it. More about prey is already posted.   Download Prey

What other tool you install for better laptop?
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