31 December, 2011

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Install Multiple Softwares at Once

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What you do when you get a new Windows machine or Format your OS for some reasons. Star installing Drivers and then Must-Have-Software. Is it not? I know most of us install every software manually by executing the installer of particular software. It's really a boring task to install all them manually and then again updating these software's. Today I will tell you the easy way to install all your favorite of common software's of Windows OS or Android and iPhone with one click and that also Updated.
Install multiple softwares at once
FreeNew is a service that will allow you to select the multiple favorite software's for your daily use and then just click on Get Installer. It will download all the selected software's in a single installer package and all software will be installed in a single click and that also updated. It supports Windows, iPhone and Android platforms.
You can select softwares / Apps form categories like Must Have, System Utilities, Security, Audio and Multimedia, Development, Communication and more.

NINITE is also a similar service that is specialized for Windows OS and give a large variety of softwares for your need. No Signup, no toolbar, will no advertise. It's clean and simple.
Give it a Try.

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