01 January, 2012

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Free eBooks About Technical Analysis Of Stocks [Update 4]

So you want to learn seriously about Technical Analysis in Stocks? Searched whole Google for the good books? Still not happy? Didn't get what you wanted? Same with me when I tried same like you do. So here i want to share some trading eBooks with you those are really good and some of them called the God of Technical Analysis like Benjamin Graham. The most IMP thing about it is its totally free to download.
I have found this thing from searching Google deep and deep.
1. The Market Wizards
Everyone should follow the leaders, at-least when you don't know anything in a new field. This book is a collection of interviews of proven traders. How they made billions, and their strategy. Total book is only 1.5 MB as it is a text only book. You can download it from HERE. 

2. Security Analysis
When it comes to technical analysis, the encyclopedia of every trader is "Security Analysis", a book by Mr. Benjamin Graham: Its a Father of TA books. This book should not need any introduction. You must know about the author and the book also if you want to make money in the stock market.
Download Security Analysis 

3. Essentials of Technical Analysis for Financial markets
One more book for learning Technical analysis with illustrations and examples. This book is around 7.5 MB. The index can be downloaded from here If you like the content you can download the full PDF file from here. 

4. Gerald Appel - Technical Analysis
Download the index form here and Full book from here. Total size is 22 MB. Total pages: 270 

5. Technical Analysis of Financial Markrket by John Merphy
Total pages: 596
Full book size: 21 MB
Index download link HERE
Full book download link HERE 

6. Technical Analysis
This is not a book but a collection of notes. You will feel like reading for collage exam. I have collected the information from a few websites. Is a simple but really useful to learn Technical analysis with examples, charts, figures and more. Personally recommend to read this. Link is HERE 

7. Chart your way to profit. Second edition. by TIM KNITE
The book is around 19 MB, and 530 pages and mostly on Technical analysis. So before downloading this large PDF file you can download the 1 to 6 Pages of index from here. And then decide whether to download or not. The full book can be downloaded from HERE 

8. Beginners Guide to Day Trading
 On your way to to learn the technical analysis, this step will help you to remember what you have learned. It's a simple shortened note of Technical analysis. Download 

9. Technical Analysis Notes
You must have come across Investopedia.com if you have searched anything on google about technical analysis. This is a collection of notes from the site with better arrangement to read and take prints.Download 

10. Technical Analysis Explained

11. Sector-wise listing of All companies
This will help you to shortlist the companies. No one can watch every scrip available in the market but you have to shortlist your target companies. This list will help you to do that as this is a list of all companies with in-detail sectors.

12. Record Date/ Book Closure Date/Ex Date/BC Start Date/BC End Date
 This is a note about what is Record date, book closure date and ex date. Most of these terms always used for bonus and most of the new traders always get confused about the dates. This note will give simple information with example about it. Download 

13. Candlesticks
Do you want to know everything about candlesticks, their pattern, tips, strategies and everything that will help you to improve your technical analytic skills? This is a great book with every example and images and illustrations.  Download 

14. The Original Turtle Rules
Do you know anything about 'Turtle Roles'. If not you should. Here is a complete book about the turtle rules. Download 

15. Trend Forecasting With Technical Analysis
This is one more comprehensive book on technical analysis of the stock market. If you want a one stop for all the technical analysis skill, this may help you about it.  Download 

16. The Art of Profitability
Use technical analysis for making profit in the market. Profit is the only final destination and knowing everything about technical analysis will not help you but you have to take profitable decisions. Download  

17. How to Choose Winning Stocks: Rewriting Formula 
This is an only book from Indian author. You must read this. It is a practical guide. Really nicely written and good examples. Download 

18. Ultimate Technical Analysis Handbook
This is a handbook, its not easy to handle but a book you can use for every need. Easy navigation and categorization. Download 
Update [14 October 2012]  :: I have added 6 new books for more study.
 Please reply / share if you like the collection.

1. Dividends Still Don't Lie - Kelley Wright
This is not exactly a technical analysis book but a different approach to look at the dividend compared with technical analysis. (2.5 MB)  Download

2. How To Read Financial Report - Creative Resources Group

This book will tell you how to read the financial reports of any company and find out the real health of the company. This is a small -just 50 pages- book (5.2MB). Download

3. Teach a man to Fish by SAINT - Amit
This is not a book but a Traderji.com forum thread converted to a book that has a great discussion about the technical analysis, trends, chart patterns, meanings, money management and everything you should know about technical analysis. This is must have book for your if you want everything with illustrations and in a simple manner. Every question that you may have in your mind is explained here (6MB). Download.

4. Technical Analysis from A to Z - Achelis, Steven
This is an encyclopedia of technical analysis. Each and everything is included in this book that need to know about TA. (8.4MB) Download

5. Critical Market Crashes
This book will tell you the world most havoc created market crashed in the history till today and the politics, economics and technical reasons for the crash. (1.6MB)  Download

6. The Intelligent Investor - Ben Graham
Back to the father of  stock investments. Two great books by Sir Benjamin Graham. Here is the second. First one is you already have above. This book does not need any explanation. (2.6MB) Download

7. Trading with Bollinger Bands
This is a small but simple description with charts and slideshow about Bollinger bands. Download

Dear friends, The books included here are copyrighted by there respective publishers, and Google does not allow anything that is pirated, so the illegal download links are removed. I personally request and encourage you to buy original copies of the books. Thank You. Please contact me for more help.
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  3. Gr8, informative post ....give hindi or marathi Technical Analysis info links ... Thanks !

  4. Gr8 Informative Post ... Give Hindi or Marathi Technical Analysis info links....THanks

    1. Hi Ranji, I will keep updating this post. Thanks for the complements.

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  7. Hey great collection! The only thing is the link for "Chart your way to profits" isn't working right. I can go to the 1-6 page deal but not the entire book. And wouldn't you know that's the one I really want! But I have found a few I didn't have and I thank you for that.

  8. very generous links here, thankyou for the post. but some of the books seems dont have download for the full version, like "Essentials of Technical Analysis for Financial markets" and "Technical Analysis of Financial Markrket by John Merphy" anyone can help?

  9. Very good collection of books,
    Can you pl upload tech. analysis books in hindi or marathi to understand it better way

    1. Hi Adi, I was also trying to include the regional language books but the problem is, there are not many title available in this topic and availability of their Ebook format is very rare. Still then if you know / want any specific book, please give a name of book and author so that I can help you.

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    1. Hi Sandeep, actually there are not many books about stock market in Marathi and then the eBook / digital version of those is really very rare.
      Most of the books given above are from foreign writers and that is why the avalability of stock market books in Marathi local language is somewhat difficult. But still then I will try to find out and let you know.

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      I will try to make them available if possible. BTW, this was bound to happen one day.

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    1. Dear Belly, all the books are property of respective authors. You have to buy them online. You can Search by title.

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    1. Hello dear. Its very old post and all the books are removed. I have kept the post as it is only for reference. You can buy those book from Amazon or other similar sites. the pirated books are removed and I think you should also buy those as an investment. All the above referred books are really good.