31 December, 2011

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Install Multiple Windows Softwares at Once

After a clean install of Windows OS, it takes a long time to install essential device drivers and then Must-Have-Software. Installing every software manually by executing the installer of particular software takes too much time.
But you can create a single installer of all the free software for Windows OS ( and Android and iOS ) and install all of them with one click. Updating them is also a breeze.

Ninite allows you to create a single installer of multiple software.

Go to the Ninite website and select all your favorite software for Windows and click 'get your Ninite' It will download all the selected software in a single installer package and all software will be installed in a single click.

You can select software / Apps form categories like Must Have, System Utilities, Security, Audio and Multimedia, Development, Communication, and more.
This method is useful when you have too many software to install and update. Single installation saves your time and redundant update process.
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