01 July, 2018

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Google Podcasts On Android

Podcasts are the great way to listen to your favorite news, a chat show or a class lesson. You can do that while you are working, driving or at the gym. Now the same podcast will sync across many devices like your Android mobile and Google Assistant powered devices like Google Home.

After a long wait, the Google Podcasts app for Android available. Actually its already integrated inside Google app and when you install the Google Podcast app, its just a shortcut to launch the interface, same like the Google Assistant shortcut.

You can download the Google Podcasts app for Android from Play store. For Google assistant powered devices, you can directly ask the assistant to play specific podcast by channel name. The podcast will resume from where you left on any other device.
Beyond the podcasts you already know, Google Podcasts uses AI to offer recommendations based on your listening habits—such as your interest in sports or true crime, or podcasts from a particular network.
Google suggests the channels as it learns your taste and the free time.

If you are a content creator you can join Google Podcasts Creator Program and get an opportunity to work with Google.
If you are a podcaster, optimize to make it Google compatible by following Google Podcasts developer guide.
  If you already a podcaster, you can generate the Google Podcasts link with Google Podcast Publisher tools.

Google Podcasts feature includes:
  • Downloading the podcast for offline listening
  • Fast forward or backward with one touch.
  • Increase or decrease play speed.
  • Subscribe to your favorite channel.
  • Search across the large collection of channels.
Give it a try and you will love it.
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