01 July, 2018

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How To Lock Specific Pages In PDF

If you want to hide or lock specific pages in a PDF document, you can do it by using a PDF page lock. PDF Page Lock is a free utility that can password protect any page or multiple pages from a PDF document. All the other pages from the same pdf can be viewed as a regular pdf file.

  • Once you are done with the installation, open any PDF file. The interface is simple and minimal.
  • The left pane shows page number and right pane show you the page preview.
  • The select page number you want to lock or hide and click on the button below to lock. 
  • Once you select all those pages you want to lock or hide from pdf document, click on save button. You will be asked to enter the password.
  • Give a strong password and save the file.
  • You can unlock all the pages at once if you change your mind.
The pages are encrypted and not easy to unlock by online PDF unlocking websites or any professional software.

Download and install PDF page lock software.
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