23 October, 2014

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20 Tiny, Uncommon But Extremely Useful Android Apps

How many Android apps you have installed? How many of them you really use? But here are 20 small applications that you will use forever and add huge functionality to your Android.

By small, I mean size is a few and have only one feature. All are free and work on Android 4.0 and above.
Tiny Android Apps For Every Phone

#1 Clipper
Whenever you 'Copy' something, no matter which application you are using, Clipper automatically save it.

  • Retrieve it anytime later.
  • Save Google plus post links, Facebook text, messages, WhatsApp updates or anything else.
  • Can merge, view and edit clippings.
  • Multiple grouping for different clips
  • Trick: If you want to save Google plus posts links to read later, save the link from Google plus application and then merge them. Send to the clip to Evernote. Get them on computer easily.
  • Refined interface, changeable font size, and themes.

#2 DVBeep Pro
It is a talking clock. Tell you time at a predefined interval like every hour, half-hour or like.

#3 Disable Headphone
You remove the headphone but still, the phone shows a headphone jack icon and the speaker of the phone is muted as the audio is routed through the headphone. This happens many times. 'Disable Headphone app' actually tell the phone that you have removed the headphone.

#4 AndMade Share
The stock android 'Share Menu' is clutter with a long list. You can edit and remove the unwanted or never to be used apps from share list.

#5 Twitch! Contacts
Not every day, but you will need it at least once. It can format the phone numbers from your contact. Remove spaces, dash, international prefix code or change the international prefix to local or similar.
Ex: you can change +91 99 1234 1234 to 09912341234 or to 099 12 34 1234 or +919912341234 or similar.

#5 Desktop notification

  • Get every Android notification on desktop Google Chrome browser.
  • Messages, social updates, battery and more. You can read and take action from the desktop.
  • Works with Google Chrome only.
  • PIN protected and you have to pair once with browser.

#6 Help Me Focus 
You can block time-consuming apps. Any app, that you think, waste your time, can be blocked for a specific time. You can have different profiles according to the user or your taste.

#7 Ultimate Sound Control
Turn off camera shutter sound completely or similar sounds like low battery, unlock and video recording. Also, can 'lock' the volume of every event like media, ring, and notification, call, alarm and system.

#8 Another Widget 
Simple, Google Pixel launcher styled date, time and weather widget. Looks great, works perfectly.

#10 Google Assistant 
One tap access to Google assistant app. It is just a shortcut, official.

#11 Super Simple Sleep Timer 
It can stop music playback after the predefined time period so that your mobile does not keep playing music even after you fall asleep.
It can also support applications other than just music players.

#13 Wi-Fi audio
It can stream any audio from your computer to your android mobile. You can put the earphone in mobile and use it as wireless audio of PC.

#14 Memory Map
An extremely useful tiny app. It shows memory used by folder structure in relative visual sizes. You can easily find which folder or file is using more space. Truly different approach to free up space. 

If the touch screen is not working as expected or the touch sensitivity and accuracy is weird, try to calibrate the screen. Not most accurate, but may help.

#16 Nothing
It does nothing. Really!!

Along with these tiny apps, there are many Must-Have Free Android Applications, please take a look at this post as well.

Which other micro applications do you use? Which is your favorite? Share your favorite in the comments. Leave a reply!!

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