10 October, 2014

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4 Screen To GIF Recording Software : Every Blogger Must Have

Recording screen activity as GIF animation, is extremely easy with these 4 free software tools. Using GIF images for illustrations and tutorials have many advantages over a video of the screen activity.
  • Best when the length of recording is relatively small.
  • Animation start playing as soon as the image load.
  • Size is small compared to video.
  • GIF animations easily grab social media attention and have more click ratio.
  • Automatic playback of animation and unlimited looping.
Record screen activity to create GIF animations. If you are a blogger, animations get huge response on social media. Irrespective of browser and platform, animations start immediately.
screen to gif image animation recording

All the given software work on Windows OS and are free for personal use. Few days back we already discussed oCam to capture YouTube videos that was able to capture screen as a video.

A little wonder application that just record screen cast and create a animating GIF images in two clicks.
  • Drag the window to resize the recording area.
  • Control frames per second to change the quality of animation and size of the file.
  • Hide or show mouse pointer in recording.
  • Can show the elapsed time in recording.
  • Installation file size is 181 kb. 

Excellent screen recording application which is easy yet powerful application. You don't need anything else. The best thing is, you can edit the GIF animation and edit every frame.

screen to gif
  • Re sizable window
  • Built in image editor.
  • Play animation and delete unwanted frames.
  • Add text, annotations.
  • Show or hide mouse cursor and clicks.
  • Hot keys for record, pause and stop.
  • Adjust frames per second.
  • Detects unchanged pixel while encoding to reduce the final size of image.
  • Predefine number of times the image animation should be looped or repeat forever. 

Completely different approach towards recording screen, editing the animation and creating a excellent quality images. Interface is different and have some unique features.

  • 3 different set of FSP
  • Hide or show mouse cursor in animation.
  • What make GifCam unique is its 'Frame' button. You can record the activity frame by frame. Every single frame is capture only after you click the 'Frame' button. This way you don't have to do your recording activity in continuous manner.
  • Just prepare the screen and press 'Frame' button. Then prepare for next screen and press the button. You can create a complete animation this way.
  • You can save the image in different colours making the image completely stand out.
  • Quantize
  • Nearest 
  • 256 colors
  •  20 colors
  • Gray scale
  • Monochrome
  •  You can directly export the animation in AVI video format.
  • Edit feature allow you delete any particular frame.

It is not a dedicated GIF maker but you can easily create GIF animations with PhotoScape. It do not record the screen activity but allow you to crate gif image from set of many images. 
You just provide set of images may or may not be a sequence, it create gif from them.

phtoscape add trasition to gif
  • Various transition effect between two images
  • control final size of image.

What type of tool do you use for recording screen cast? Do you know, you can record screen activity by using VLC Media Player. 
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  1. A tip for ScreenToGif, just right click in the Record button. There is a Snap and FullScreen capture.

  2. Which of these work in Mac and Linux? I know licecap works in Windows and Mac...