06 October, 2014

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Microsoft : The God Of Small Things

I am fan of Microsoft. Not because products, but, I don't have great alternative. Since, Google entered in arena through Web services, Microsoft never catch up with anything. But then late in scene, it jumped with Hotmail / Outlook / SkyDrive / OneDrive / Live ( Live brand is most confusing ever) / Bing / Office online / Office 365 (Still confusing) and similar hard to understand namanclature.

I am trying to completely shift to Microsoft echosystem on web. But everytime I try new product, Microsoft make such a damn errors I cant figureout how to ask for help.

Funny things happen, I just enabled camera roll feature to get 15 GB free space in my already 25 GB. Onedrive, please save my bandwidth. It uploaded the one photo about 200+ times and this with every other photo. Just imagine.
camera roll on onedrive
camera roll on onedrive
Signed up for OneNote on Android: Never got the the sync without error. It should learn something from +Dropbox .

.Net Framework
Can anyone tell me, what the 1.0, 1.1, 3.5, 4.0 and similar things existst. And if I have 4.0 installed, why do I need to install all previous versions to run the applications? What include what and what not?
I don't understand dot net verion problem
I don't understand dot net verion problem
Windows 8 and 8.1 update
Windows 8.1 and 8.1 Update are different. I am not talking about Windows 8. Brought laptop with preinstalled Windows 8. I can't update to 8.1 directly. First update to Windows 8.1 and then to 8.1 update. My key does not work with 8.1 to get new key to get Widnows 8.1 update

Internet Explorer
What type of coding experts needed to use the titile bar space? Still the biggest titile bar in the world. Only browser that alive without any good extension.
internet explorer big title bar
internet explorer big title bar
Bing do not recognize that I am using Windows 10.
Bing recognize
Bing recognize
Please have a dual panel or tabbed file manager.

Everyone come across funny things +Microsoft do. The software giant do not have time for small errors. But what you think about it?

Have you experience similar things about Microsoft product? Please share..
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