24 February, 2014

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You Haven't Seen These Ultimate Tips for Whatsapp Addicts

WhatsApp is very easy and straight forward instant messenger. Actually the simple user interface is one of the most important feature in the success of WhatsApp. Most of the WhatsApp users do not try to tweak the settings and still then the default settings works fine for majority peoples.

But then there are more settings than the default. You can use to make the application work perfectly and less annoying in some cases. You will really like the ease and simple tips that will make your WhatsApp a pleasant experience.

1. Mute notification sound for specific group
If you are a member of some very frequently updating WhatsApp group and you can't leave the group (because the group admin is your girlfriend or your close friend) you can easily mute the update notification sound for any particular group.
Just open the group conversation and press the options button, you will get the menu containing option 'Mute'.
You can mute the notification sound for 8 hours, 1 day or 1 week as you want.


2. Clear conversation for any specific group friend
Same way, as you can mute the group notification, you can clear all the conversation from any particular group or any friend also. Open the conversation, go to the options menu and select 'more', you will get the option to 'Clear conversation'.


3. Private one way message broadcast
Group and message broadcast are two different things in WhatsApp. Most of the people are using groups, but not the broadcast feature.
Create 'New broadcast list' from the main interface of the application. The broadcast list is different from the group. It is a one way conversation. You can send the same message to multiple friends at a time, saving your repeating work. But the friends can reply to it back or share anything.

4. Prevent automatic download of video and image files.
If you do not want to automatically download every media like images, videos or audio notes automatically and wish to download only selective things, you can block the automatic downloading of media are also set to download only when connected to WiFi. This way you can save your data plan and also keep your device clean.
To do this, go to Settings >> Chat settings >> Media auto download and deselect the media type for Wifi and mobile data.


5. Save profile images of friends
There is no any standard way to download or save the profile images of your friends, but you can do it very easily. Just go conversation of particular friend and click on the name of the person at the top bar. It will open the contact info. Here touch the image of friend and let it load completely.
Now browse to your files on your phone internal memory. Go to the WhatsApp folder, here you will get the 'Profile pictures' folder where all the downloaded profile images are saved.

Do you use these features? Is there anything you know about WhatsApp? Are you a WhatsApp addict? Are you member of any annoying group?
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  1. sir you are too late for publishing this!! there's new update with which you can hide "last seen"
    and there will be update for hiding status and profile pic too!!

    1. Hi suraj, thanks for the reply. You are right. The features you mentioned are very new and optional. The tips discussed above will work even after the update if the friend in the list has not changed the default settings.