19 September, 2014

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Best Way To Pull Facebook Page Updates In RSS Feed Reader & Why You Should Use

If you don't want to miss any updates from your favourite Facebook page, better you add it to your RSS reader like Feedly. This way you can easily track all the updates without missing anything and also you can save it for later reference, save, clip, forward and more with the IFTTT tool.

The only thing is, you have to do some workaround to pull the updates to RSS reader application. Facebook do not offer the updates via RSS officially. But that is not much difficult to do. Its very easy, do not require any other third party application or service and can be done with all the public Facebook pages.
No need to get notification and visit frequently to Facebook for updates.

Note that, this will not work on personal profiles. Take a Microsoft India Facebook page for reference. Here is a simple way.

  • Open the web URL of your favourite Facebook page and copy the page name. ( The text string after www.facebook.com/xyz ). In this case the page name is MicrosoftIndia.

  • Copy the name and paste in this URL

  • This will open a webpage, you have to copy the numeric ID of the page

  • Paste the ID of your favourite page in this URL. 
  • Now you got the RSS URL of Facebook page. Copy that URL into your RSS reader application and subscribe.
  • Your RSS reader will fetch all the updates of Facebook page in to the application. I have used Feedly for testing and it worked fine. 
That's so easy. 

Do you follow many pages? There is chance that, you are missing important updates and also, Facebook algorithm may be hiding many stories from your timeline. 
You do not have to visit the timeline frequently and is very easy without any third party application. 

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