27 August, 2019

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Account Killer Helps To Delete Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram And Other 300+ Web Accounts

Do you want to delete an online account? If you care about privacy and security, you should consider to completely delete personal data from online service you are no longer using.

Social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many other popular sites collect personal information about the users and store them forever. Even though you delete the account, there is no guarantee that your personal data is completely wiped.

Also, if you are planning to create a new account/sign up for a new online service, you can check them, it has a complete account deletion option if you change your mind later.

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Websites do not have the 'Delete Account' option easily available to the users. Most of the time, 'Delete Account' feature is buried deep in the settings, that common users do not find it easily.

Users provide complete personal information, and then if you didn't find the service useful, you have no choice to delete the account. In this scenario, Account Killer comes to your help.

Account Killer

Account Killer does not require you to create a new account. It has information about more than 500 famous online services and websites. Just find the service you wish to delete the account for and 'Account Killer' gives complete instructions about completely deleting your account.
  • It has information about a wide range from Facebook, Google, Skype, Twitter, Groupon, Yahoo!, Hotmail, MSN, eBuddy, 4Shared and many more.
  • The web services are categorized according to their easiness to delete the account like Black, Gray, and White. Black sites require more work and it is hard to delete the account but you can.
  • On the other hand White site provides a very easy way to delete your account. Gray is in between Black and White. This information can be useful if you are going to sign up for any new service.
  • When you click on any particular website, Account Killer provides step-by-step instruction to delete accounts and also give direct like to go to that particular web page making it easy.

If you do not find the instructions for a particular website, you can search for it. The search is somewhat broken. If you type a name and hit enter, the result is not as you want. But if you type a name of the service and wait for an instant result, you will find the particular service and then click on the desired result.

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Do you find the Account Killer really helpful? If not, what other service do you know to find similar information?
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