09 February, 2013

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Transfer Files Between Two Computers Without Sharing Any Folder

If you want to transfer files between your two or more computers, how you do? Either you create a shared folder and use it to share and transfer files which means you have to go through much technical settings are then you can use a simpler way, use Dukto R5, a free and open source super easy application for all platforms including mobile devices.

You just have to download and install Dukto R5 in both the computers between which you want to transfer files or folders. You do not have to do any extra settings or creating a shared folder or anything like that. Just install the application and you are ready to transfer files.
  • Dukto R5 can be used on two or more computers. There is no any limit on number of connected devices. 
  • The application is targeted at LAN transfer without worrying about the operating system, user permissions and type of client or anything like that. You do not have to go through technical settings.
  • Dukto R5 is available as portable version also if you do not want to install the application. Once you have completed the installation on both devices, the interface is super easy to use and anyone can transfer files, folders or text between two or more computers.
  • The home screen display 'You' as a client machine on top and then list the 'IP Connection' option. Where you have to enter the IP address of the other computer to connect with. 
  • If you already have connected it before or the Dukto has already discovered the other device, it is listed bellow the 'IP connection' option so that you do not have to enter the IP address.
  • If you do not know your IP address, you can find it by clicking on  'Addresses' button.
  • Now to connect to another computer, click on 'IP connection' option and enter the IP location of the other device and then try transferring a text to the other computer and if you successfully send the text, you are ready and everything is working fine.
  • But if you are getting any error, try the same thing -entering the IP- on the other device also and this should solve the error.
  • Now you can either transfer a text message, a file or a complete folder from one PC to another without any other settings.
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