22 February, 2013

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Free Diagram & Flow Chart Drawing Software

If you want to create diagrams, flow charts, network diagrams or any similar drawing, 'Dia Diagram Editor' is a most powerful, free and easy to use application that is available for all Windows, Linux and Mac OSX and also as a portable version.

There are many applications available like 'Diagram Designer' but the Dia diagram editor provides much superior features and yet simple to use. The Dia diagram editor can also be used as a mind mapping tool though it is not targeted for the purpose. You can use the FreeMind which is a best Java based mind mapping application.
  • The most useful and special feature of Dia is, it has thousands of predefined objects and symbols you can use to create great diagrams. 
  • The shapes and symbols are categorized into flow chart, jigsaw, ladder, lights, logic, maps, database, civil, UML, circuits and many other. You won't need anything extra shapes.
  • Dia can read and write Vector formats like SVG. You can import and export any type of image formats, PDF, SVG, shapes and everything else you can imagine.
  • Dia allow layers in the diagram. Objects can be grouped and ungrouped for easy movements.
  • You can edit the shapes, size, background and border color, type of the border of the objects.
  • If you know the Python, you can easily add your own scrips to the it.
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  1. A great alternative I think other readers should take a look at is Lucidchart. It is a web based tool that enables you to create amazing flowcharts and many other types of diagrams. I highly recommend it.

    1. Yes, Lucidchart is really excellent software. Thanks for the info.

  2. Thanks this info was really helpful! Like Rick, I used Lucidchart's draw network diagram free and it was really easy to understand. If you use diagrams often you should check it out!