25 September, 2012

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Cheat Codes And Walk-Through Database For Every Game

Avid Gamer? Then must be addicted to Game cheats. So you want unlimited ammo, unlimited health, unlimited life, huge power, speed and anything that a superhero in your most favorite game? If yes, you must have tried some of the game cheats.

The Cheats are special keywords or codes, once entered while playing games, changes the basic functionality of the game and make the game more interesting.
So, where do you find cheats for your favorite game? May be either by searching many websites, forums or asking your friends who may not have all those that you want.

One more thing. If you are stuck at some level in the game and getting busted at the level and don't know how to go ached, you should try the 'Walk-Though'. This will help you to go in the right direction and to take right steps so that you find your target in the game.
The step-by-step walk through guide will help you to avoid your repeated faults and reach your highest possible score.

So here is a simple way to get all that for your any type of game you want with just one click.

Cheatbook database 2012  is a great tool for gamers. It has cheats and walk-through each and every game available on all platforms like PC, XBox, PlayStation and any other console.
Cheat Codes And  Walk-Through Database For Every Game
  • The games are categorized according to the platform for easy browsing. Anyone can easily find the cheats and walk-through for a favorite game. 
  • Games are sorted alphabetically for easy access. 
  • To find a cheat in the game, just select the platform on top and then click on the name of the game in the left panel. 
  • You can either type the name of game at search bar at the top.
  • Just click on the name of the game and Cheat-book database will display all the cheats available for the games in the right panel. 
Cheat Codes And  Walk-Through Database For Every Game
If you are playing games on a gaming console, select console option from the top tabs and select the name of console like Play-Station, XBox or Nintendo.
The left panel will display the names of the game. Just double click on the name of the game and you will get every cheat and walk-through about that game.
This is a community based software and you can add your own cheats if you think you have something unique. Also you can add your personal notes about the game.
Cheat Codes And  Walk-Through Database For Every Game
You can see the screenshots of the game, send the cheat file to your friends via email directly from within the cheat-book software.
You can also print the cheat, make the cheat and walk-thorough favorite for easy future access.
Cheat Codes And  Walk-Through Database For Every Game
If you want to visit the original homepage of game developer, download any other game it is also available at just single click.
All and all, Cheat-book database is really a must have database for every gamer.
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