09 September, 2012

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Download 300 Free Games With Game Downloader

If you are a gamer and want to download many free games, 'Game Downloader' will really help you to download any game that you want to play. Game Downloader is a small, portable and free software to download games. Game Downloader automatically connect with the website server which is hosting the game for downloading around 300+ games.

To download any game, you just have to select a game category and then selecting any game from the available list.

The games are categorized into action, adventure, arcade, sports, first person shooter, strategy, puzzle, music, RPG, simulator, racing and many more. Game Downloader make your task so easy, that you don't have to search multiple websites or torrents to download the games.

More and more games are added daily to the download library. To get more games you have to click 'Reconnect' button. It will automatically update the game database.

'News' button will give news about the latest additions to game library.

Select any game you want and just hit 'Download Game' button. It will start downloading the game instantly.

You can easily start and stop downloading. Downloading window display the time remaining and current download speed, name of the file downloading and also a screenshot of the game do you easy to get an idea what game you are actually downloading.

The 4 yes / no indicators indicate about is the game multi-player, is the game single player, is YouTube video available for the game.

Game Downloader is available in ZIP, installer exe and portable application format for Windows.

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  1. I just downloaded the file from sourceforge and the program is brilliant. I am able to download games so fast, thanks a ton.

    1. You are Welcome.
      Yes the Game downloader is really good program. The best thing is its small and easy to use. Anyone can easily download any game he want.

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