20 May, 2012

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Remove Social Effect In Google Search Results Without Logging Out

Google search results are different 'when you are signed in' and 'without signing in' to your Google account?
You might have read the about ‘personalized search’ provided by Google.

Personalized search results includes, search results and their ranking based on your search history and your Google Plus profile, friends like and recommendations.  Google thinks, it will improve your search experience.
If you have a website and try to find out where your post rank in the Google search result page, your blog is showing at the first rank within minutes of its publish. But that might not be true because you are searching the Google with your own account signed in.

Results are always different when you try to search the same keyword without signing in to your Google account.  To test this, either you have to sing out the Google account or you have to use a separate browser. Most of the bloggers try to use different browsers so that you don’t always have to sing out of your Google account.
See the example:
When we searched the term ‘SkyDrive desktop client
1. Without singing in to Google account, the TopTrix was at the SECOND place in Google.com results
without signing in
Without signing in
2. But when same keywords were searched on same Google.com page, the TopTrix was at FIFTH place.

when signed in
When signed in
Some people may think that this is not so significant difference, but when you try different terms the result vary with vast difference and your history, friends' recommendations significantly change the results.
To avoid this you have to sign out or use different browser where you have not logged in .
But using different browser every time or signing out is not a convenient task for many when you can do that in the same browser (whatever the browser you are using) that also without signing out of your Google account.

Here is a simple trick and steps

By using this trick, you can search Google as if you have signed out of Google account which will eliminate the personalized search results.

Trick is To Use IP based address of Google

The trick is simple, you have to use an IP address of Google instead of the common Google address.
Here, when you want to search Google for any keyword, instead of typing www.google.com in the address bar of your browser, you have to type 

This will open the Google.com but without any user signed into personal accounts and that also in the same browser where you are already using Google services with your personal account.
You can check the search result difference in the same browser with the tab using and normal www.google.com address.

Adding to default search engines list and context

To make the address more convenient to use, we have to add it to default search provider list. The method is different in Firefox and Google Chrome.

  • To do this you have to install the Firefox extension ‘Add To Search Bar‘ from here
  • After installing the extension, restart the browser, enter the Google IP address in the search bar and go to the web page.
  • Right click inside the search bar of Google and select the option ‘Add to Search Bar' from context menu. This will add a search engine to the search bar of Firefox
  • Now, when you select the added search engine in the search bar and select any text on any website and right click on that text, the context menu will show the newly installed search engine with which you can search anything without affecting the personalized search results.
Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, you don't need any extra extension to install. Follow the first two steps above, like open the Google home page with IP address and then right click inside the search box and then select 'add as search engine'.
  • This will add the IP address based Google to your search engine list.
  • Go to Chrome settings >> Search >> Manage Search Engines. Click on the button.
  • You will find the IP address based search engine in 'Other search engine' list. When you hover move over it, you get the option 'Make Default'. 
  • Select the 'Make default' option and it will come to the above list. Then make it default search engine in Chrome. 
Now you don’t have to sign out of your Google account, neither use separate browser to see the actual search rank.
You can use the ‘Add To Search Bar’ extension for any other search engine and add as many as search engines to your search bar. The default search engine selected in the search bar will be shown in the text selection context menu for direct search.

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  1. When I want to see original search results and remove any social bias I simply carry out the normal search which returns socially biased results and then down the left hand side click on "more search tools" and then select "verbatim" and this shows the same results as using your IP address based search. The verbatim flag remains persistent for any subsequent searches on that page.

    1. @Scoopz, hi, thanks for the information. The option 'Verbatinm' is exactly similar to the option discussed above. You can use both. The above discussed option will save your few click for every search.

    2. Thanks for clarification. You instructions above are great for Firefox users, for those using Chrome who want to use the method above, simply go to and then right click in the search field and select "Add as search engine..." and for speed give it a keyword 'g'. Now for any future searches just go to chrome address bar, type 'g' followed by space and then your search term and it will use the IP based google page to search for you. Simples.

    3. @Scoopz, thank you for the great contribution.

  2. But what abour your cookies and their impact on the result?

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  4. i'm trying to think of a situation where you would want to do this

    1. If you have any website or Blog, this is really helpful to find out the real ranking of your blog for particular keyword. It is also important to get the unbiased results.