02 March, 2012

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Rename Photos By Date They Were Shot For Easy Sorting

If you save all your photos in one place and have more than one camera, it's not that easy to manage the collection of your memories. Different cameras have different style of naming the photos and most of the time these names are of no any use and does not help in arranging your collection.

One more thing is, you can't save the photo with the same name in the one folder. Most of the cameras, if you delete one photo, save a new photo with the same name and when you try to back up that photo from the camera to your backup folder shows an error of the same name and you have to rename that image. 

Assigning the Date and Time as a name of image make it easy to manage the photo collection. It adds some sense to the naming system and easy to find the photo by time period of shot. 

Each and every camera, whether its a mobile camera or a professional camera, save much 'EXIF' data which include data like date, time of shot, camera model used, GPS location, owner name and much more data. Read how to view and edit EXIF data of any image. NameExif use this information to change the non useful names of photos to useful date and time format. 

NameExif is a small [700kb] utility that renames the photo collection with the date and time of shot taken. It allows to select format of date and timestamps like this.

Rename Photo To Date
It can also also add the date and time stamp and keep your original photo name at the end of the name. You can also suffix any special tag with a name. NameExif allow to change the time of original images by predefined period. 
NameExif can rename in batch or a single photo also. It's a simple utility that every photo collector should keep handy.NameExif works with all versions of Windows.

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