07 March, 2012

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Filter / Hide Unwanted Feed Posts From Google Reader

'Google Reader' is the most widely used online service that is used for subscribing, archiving favorite websites and blogs at one place. It minimizes the hassle of bookmarking websites and checking those for any updates. You can easily get all your favorite reading items in one central place make reading fun.

Every website or blog has multiple categories of interests that may not always interest or useful for you but as you are subscribed to the site RSS or Atom feed, all those posts keep taking the space and attention of you, which is really a waste of time. That also hides the really important posts sometimes and then things get worse if you have too many subscriptions.

'Google Reader Filter' is a small user script that puts the fun back to your readings. 'Google Reader filter' hides the items from any subscription by keywords defined by you and also highlights the important or items that are of your interest by the keywords you prefer. 
After you install the 'Google Reader Filter' script, a button is added to the right upper corner of Google Reader, clicking on which opens a small popup options screen

You have to define your interests keywords as well as the post with subjects that you want to hide from any subscription
To use this script you must be using Google Reader in List view obviously because in expanded view it is of no use.

If you are using Firefox, you need to install Greasemonkey Script manager to install this script. If you are using Google Chrome or Opera, those have native support for all user scripts

Download 'Google Reader Filter'

Extra for Google Chrome
If you are using Google Chrome, and want extra customization of Google Reader like changing the look, arrangements of items, change the colors, images, get missing favicons and much more, 'Google Reader Plus' is the Google Chrome extension you need to install.

'Google Reader Plus' makes the reader window your slave. You can arrange the items in any way you want, filter them, color them as per your taste.

Download Google Reader Plus
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