02 February, 2012

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A Records, CNAME, MX Records : Basics to Setup Your Blog

Its always better to have your own custom domain for blog or website. You can buy any domain that suits your niche. Once you have your custom domain, its easy to manage your SEO. You can easily migrate from one blog host to any other without loosing your traffic. It gives more professional impressions and easy way to advertise your site.
Though the buying a domain is easy, setting up your blog to redirect it to your custom domain is not that easy. I also went through many trial and errors, and now its doing excellent. So this guide will completely solve all your problems easily and in a very simple manner. Lets start...

Suppose you have already brought your custom domain. You should always prefer a .com or .net or .org domain so that your SERP will be higher and not restricted to the geographical targeted users.

In this tutorial i have considered that your blog is at Blogger. Others can also easily setup with this settings.

Log in to your Domain providers account from where you have brought your domain and go to settings or manage your domain or something like that as per your domain provider.

If you have more that one domain registered select particular domain for which you want to setup.

Now suppose  

            >> you have a blog at  www.yourblogname.blogger.com
            >> your custom domain is    example.com

You have to set up A Records, CNAME and MX Records

     Out this MX Records is necessary to setup email, if you want to get email id like yourname@example.com . If you don't want to do that you can skip the MX Record settings. But I suggest you to do that as it will only take 5 minutes to set and it will look more professional and you can set up to 10 emails at your domain with Google Apps Free.

A Records::

This is the primary and a "Naked" domain record without alias "WWW", like    http://example.com. Which will work with your host or the blog service providers IP Address. Unlike the CNAME record where you have to give the HOST URL, here in case of A RECORDS, you have to give IP Address. 
If you have blog at blogger.com the IP Addresses are  
A Records
How to setup A Records::  

Remember, here in A RECORD, you have to setup http://example.com and not the www.example.com. 
Most of the primary bloggers make this mistake and mix the A Records with CNAME records. Google help about A RECORDS

Now enter these values.
  • Keep name value blank
  • Enter destination IPv4 address given above. Make 4 entries with all the 4 IP addresses. ( all 4 IP are different)
  • Save

If you have set up your blog settings to www.example.com and not the http://example.com, you have to do these setting.

Setup the following values.

  • Name:  www
  • Value / qualified domain :  ghs.google.com
  • keep TTL time as it is or 28800 sec.
If you want to use your domain with more than one alias, like


You have to setup that in CNAME Records, and not in A Records. Also do not set the naked domain like http://example.com in CNAME records. You have to setup it in A Records.

You can set up-to 10 sub domains here which will redirect to completely new host. You can easily redirect your traffic anywhere with this. 

You can test this on this blog easily. Just click on the top of the page links like About, Contact us and other which forwards you to completely new host and now look at the web address of that page.
You can also do that easily.
You have to setup the alias and set the address of host.

MX Records::

This record set up is necessary if you want to have email address more professional and marketable like

This is a Mail Exchange record settings. Here i considered you are using Google APPS which is free and you can set up to 10 email addresses for free, if you have custom domain, which in this case you already.
Set the values like this:
  • Name: keep it blank
  • Value / Host: aspmx.l.google.com 
  • priority: 1
  • TTL: 28800 seconds.
You can add more entries. Only 1 will also do your work, but if you have too heavy traffic, you can set more for faster delivery. Now save all the settings and you are done at the Domain side.

Settings at Blog:: 

Now you have to set up at your blogger blog. This is a very simple setting.
Go to 
Settings >> Publishing >> Blog Address>> Click on Advanced settings.

Now here is a trick, If you want to make your default address should be like
and not

you have to enter only example.com and redirect the traffic from www to the necked domain. You don't need to set up CNAME record for www alias. Now you got it. This is somewhat tricky at first but just try to understand the concept.
But if you want to make www.example.com is your default address, do everything normally and in the blogger settings, check the box for forwarding your naked domain traffic to www.example.com.

Now you are done. Now you can test this. Please use internet explorer for checking if everything is working fine or not. Other browsers are also OK but those may give you false idea that everything is working fine. You have completely delete all browser history and cookies, else the browser will redirect the necked domain query to www even though it is not working because of cookies. 
All your queries are welcome.  

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