17 February, 2012

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Automate Every Task On Internet, Make It Work For You

The internet is not remaining as simple as it was used to be a few years back. There are thousands of services, social networks, cloud storage, email accounts, music and video streaming, eBooks, image sharing, RSS readers, blogs, twitter, Facebook, weather, calendar and if this and then that....
Everyday a new service launches and you want to try it. You have to sign up to try it... This and that...
I just fed up on it. It's just difficult to keep up with everything happening over the Internet and you need an assistant to do all this. So how is the idea of making all this automatically? Just think,

What can you do 

If you change Facebook profile picture, automatically Twitter profile picture also changes, you get an email about To-Do list today, and you get a notification when the Amazon Free Android App of the Day is posted. Also what about archiving all your tweets to Google Calendar automatically. Automatically wish your friend on Facebook in the midnight on his birthday. Get text message to is something you predefined happens. Auto follow back if someone follows you on Twitter. When The Free Music from Amazon is released, you get an email. You get updates to your portfolio stocks. You get an SMS each time you get a new follower. And this is just a start, you can do anything you want, you just have to imagine..

So fasten your belts. It may take some time according to your task but once you are done and get hands-on with the interface you will be able to automate everything in just few minutes.

If This Then That” is a great and free service with the help of which you can do internet work for you and make internet completely your slave. You can save the time on boring and repetitive and time consuming tasks. “IF This Then That” has many preset recipes but you can also make your own. No I am not talking about any chocolate dish. “IF This Then That” has simple steps.
You have to define the 'IF' means the condition when your task should be triggered. Example is IF Mobile word appears in your favorite RSS feed, THEN you get an SMS notification. This is so simple example I have given here you can do anything like that you want and hey don't worry it doesn't need any programming language to be known. Everything is so simple.

  •  Sing-up for a free account.
  • Once you sign-up confirm your email and start automating your tasks.
  • Click on ‘Tasks’ at top right and then click 'Create New Task' button.
Add a Task
Create a new task
  • Here you have to define the startup condition or a task which you want to automate. Click on 'THIS' and you will be presented with "Trigger channels". There are around 42 (and increasing) channels to choose from.
  • Here I have used a simple example. Suppose you want to get an SMS notification on mobile IF something about MOBILE is posted on your favorite RSS feed.
  • You have to define an IF condition which is an RSS feed you defined and a Trigger is Mobile keyword and a then a recipient channel. 
Select FEED Channel
  • So click on a Feed Icon, here you can choose if you want to get notification for every new feed or if it has a keyword you specified. In thins example I chose a keyword trigger.
  • In the next step enter a keyword and feed address and click on 'create trigger'.
Trigger keyword
  • Now enter where you want to get notified. You can select anything as a destination channel like an email, SMS, Evernote, a new feed address, your twitter account, a Facebook wall update, post to your blog or Dropbox account or anything like that.
  • Here I have decided to get SMS on my mobile.
  • So click on 'THAT' and select the option for destination. Select 'SMS'.
  • If you are using first time you have to confirm your mobile number by entering the PIN you receive for verification.
  • You can also define the format of message like a body text, a heading, a link to feed post or like that.
  • Once you have done this entire click on 'Create Task' and this will keep working for you forever. You don’t have to check every-time 'IF THIS THEN THAT' is happening or not.
Give it a chance, it's so easy - though may take a few more minutes to understand at first- you will just love it. You just have to imaging and use your creativity. One you get used to the interface, you can create channels within minutes.
You can also choose from the predefined recipes if you don't want to create your own.

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