18 February, 2012

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Hide Watched YouTube Videos To Avoid Repeat Play

Who have not ever watched any video on YouTube? Its hard to find. Most of us visit YouTube on daily basis and have own favorite videos and channels. But it is not simple to manage the playlist and videos to watch from the channels you have not subscribed to and also from subscription and you cant remember names of every video you watch.
The problem with the videos is many videos do have repetitive names and you cant guess them without watching them. Many times this also happen that you watch the same video again and again and at the end you realize that you have already watched that video.
But there is no any function to avoid or hide the videos you already watched on YouTube. So this GreaseMonkey script come to help which add a "Close" button behind every video that allow you to delete or hide any particular video forever from your YouTube account. It help you to avoid repetitive watching of same video again and again. 

You need to have "GreaseMonkey" extension installed if you are using Firefox. (Downlaod GreaseMonkey for Firefox ) If you are using Chrome or Opera, no need to install GreaseMonkey."YouTube Tweak" works with Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

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